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IFA Japan Election

Bruno Carlier
July, 1992
International Family Association (IFA) of Japan

IFA Election in July 1992

This is a letter from the IFA Executive Council and the Election Chairman comcerning the upcoming IFA election. We are now about two months before the end of the 1991-92 one-year term of the present IFA Executive council And we have to prepare for the IFA Election to be held in the end of July.

In this letter we wish to give an outline of the election system and procedures discussed and decided upon by the Council. And also we want to inform IFA members that Mr. Kamijo was selected by the Council to act as the Election Chairman.

(1) The Executive Council:

The IFA Executive Council consists of five members - a president and 4 councillors.

No criteria for nationality or sex are required in the formation of the Council, but a balance is desirable and the voters are advised to be aware of it when making their choices.

For the purpose of the IFA and the functions of the Executive Council please refer to the IFA Statutes ( a copy can be obtained on request if you wish from the IFA Council.)

(2) Conditions for Voting:

Any full-members of the IFA (International couples having started family life) being in Japan for the past 6 months are entitled to vote. Each member has a vote (two votes per family).

(3) Conditions for Candidacy:

(a) A candidate should have been in Japan for the past six months.

(b) A candidate is expected to be residing in the Kanto area for the period of the term (one year).

(c) A candidate is expected to come from a Blessed couple in good standing.

(d) A candidate should have the available time to carry out the functions of councilor.

(e) A candidate must be supported by at least FOUR members (2 Japanese and two Non Japanese.)

The IFA Executive Council and the Election Chairman (with the Blessed Family Department's advice if needed) reserve the right to screen the applicants to see to it that they meet the above conditions.

(4) Declaration of Candidacy:

Any IFA member who meets the conditions mentioned above can propose his/her candidacy to run for:

(1) Council Member only

(2) Council Member and President

An applicant for candidacy must use the slip enclosed in this letter.

The deadline for application is June 20th.

The Election Chairman will recontact each candidate by telephone for confirmation and further information.

The final list of candidates will be announced on July 1st in a letter that will include the voting slips and to be sent to all IFA voters.

For further information, please contact Mr. K.......... or any Council member.

The IFA Council encourages everyone to enthusiastically participate. Do not hesitate in considering your candidacy for the IFA Council and the chance to contribute to the building of the International Family Association of Japan. You may also encourage and support someone to propose his/her candidacy, or you may advise the Election Chairman to contact that person. Thank you for you co-operation.

Bruno Carlier (IFA President)

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