The Words of the Carlson Family

Halfway Through - My Reflection

Kaeai Carlson
January 12, 2007


How were you able to grow through this goal of taking ownership of my path as second generation? What kind of realizations / insights did you have? (Through workshop experiences, lectures, frontline experiences, etc.)


I think that the best way I was able to grow through this goal was through Hyun Jin Nim's speeches. He talks so much about us second generation, how he has so much hope for us and how he really wants all of us to really become the leaders who can move the nation, how he wants us all to raise the standard, etc. I love reading his speeches because you can just see how much love he has for us second generation, and how he really wants to help us become the second generation who can become the future leaders in this movement. I don't know. Just by reading his speeches, I feel so inspired and I feel like I can understand more about why we are her on STF, what we can get out of STF. And Hyun Jin Nim always says that through STF, that's where we can find our true identity, as second generation, as a daughter of God, as a member of the extended True Family; and how our true identity resides in that vertical axial line.

It's kind of hard to fully explain what I can get out of his speeches, but I know that because Hyun Jin Nim has so much hope and love for us second generation, I know that being a second generation and being here on STF is so precious and a responsibility that I want to take on. But, it's not just Hyun Jin Nim, but also speeches by True Family. And just understanding and knowing how much True Parents are doing right now and have done already for us and for Heavenly Father and really makes me so grateful and gives me this desire to really give back to them. Just like In Jin Nim said, "How many of us are here to really give back to True Parents and not wait to receive something from them?" This point really hit me. I know that, before STF, I basically thought that it was just up to True Parents, that they can do it all by themselves. But through each day, I'm understanding more and more how much they've done already and how much they need our help, our support, etc. It's because of them that we are alive right now. It's because of them that we are here on STF, getting this education that the second generation before didn't have. It's because of them that we are walking an easier course than our parents had to walk, that True Family and themselves had to walk. We really have to ask ourselves how much are we really grateful for / to them, and how much we are actually showing our gratitude to them?

Second generation were born without original sin because of God and True Parents and we have a responsibility and mission that is so great. We have to able to understand that and we can't change it. We are the future leaders. We need to be able to carry on this heavenly tradition that True Parents and True Family live by. This culture of heart that Hyun Jin Nim always talks about and wants us to really take ownership over, really wants us to live by. I don't know if I really understand our responsibility to the full extent yet, but I do know that Heavenly Father, True Parents, Hyun Jin Nim, and True Family has so much love for us, so much hope for us, and really wants us to rise up out of ourselves, and really begin to live for others, live for the greater good, become future leaders, become better examples for our youngers and for each other, and really be the people whom God and True Parents can count on, to really be involved in this church, our movement, God's providence, in any way we can, and really be proud of being a second generation, and a member of the extended True Family. This is what I think so far, but I want to really understand more.

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