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Reverends Carlson

Matching Advantages

by Paul Carlson

With the August 1992 Blessing in Korea, Unification marriage traditions are destined to be a big subject of discussion. Especially in Japan, where the two famous women are participating. I'd like to "get a few things out in the open," topics much discussed, but seldom written about except badly, by our critics or by superficial commentators. These are serious issues, which bring out our deepest feelings. I'll try to go easy, in any event.

Rev. Moon has long spoken of "God's Three Big Headaches" roughly: communism, racism and the weakness of established religion. We've worked for many years to overcome these three. And the first one has been disappearing, rather spectacularly, all over the world! We continue our efforts with the other two. Including the "results" of the third one: immorality, family breakdown, promiscuity, and the disastrous problems that arise from these.

What prompted me to write this article was if not the gloomy statistics on teenage unwed mothers, the rapid spread of AIDS and a dozen other diseases, or even the millions of "convenience" abortions performed every year. It was something I read in one of "our own" Unificationist publications. There was a series of interviews with our older Blessed Children, mainly the teenage girls (children of those Blessed in marriage by Rev. and Mrs. Moon). They shared a lot about their relationships with their more secular friends and schoolmates.

One of them spoke of "pretending to have lost her virginity" presumably to "fit in," to avoid being teased or rejected by them. That "really" caught my attention, and I readily sympathize with her. It wasn't too long ago that I was a teenager. Though I was part of a rebellious "back to the land" counterculture, I now see that we had our own "peer pressure" and unspoken conformities.

I'd like to take a quick look at today's society, one which could put such terrible pressure on God's special sons and daughters. Actually, I'll have to tone it down, as I could fill many pages with criticism of American (and other) societies.

Romantic love

We're all aware of the popular versions of love and romance. In popular songs, boy meets girl, they hop right into bed, and then vow to love each other forever. Country-western songs are sadder, but often more realistic! I won't even bother to quote any perverted, violence-laden rap songs. In Hollywood, TV, movies "and" in their real lives about 90% of the sex is between unmarried people.

But on the screen, they don't catch any nasty diseases. And virginity is depicted as "a problem to be solved," and "never" as honorable. Except for the occasional honest priest or nun.

Both shows and advertising project a "perfect image" for men and women, one which changes every decade or so. With considerable expense, many try to match those images. For women, the "slim leg and waist, large bust" image could be achieved with the aid of implant surgery. You've all been hearing "too" much about that lately, I suppose.

God's people have different standards for themselves, and for their relationships. One's "self-image" need not emanate from either Hollywood or Madison Avenue. Expensive fashions and surgery are not needed to reach God's Ideal! Women have always wanted to appear beautiful, and that's good and natural. And "true hearts" bring out the greatest beauty, which any "fallen world" fad or fashion could never hope to match. Mrs. Moon is a shining example of this.

To our Blessed Children, and to any concerned person, I ask you to take a fresh look at your lifestyle. We Unificationists can be fiercely proud of our traditions, and our moral standards. And we have much to offer, and we can save our friends from a lot of heartache and trouble.

Most people are looking for "romantic love," as they've learned it from society. Yet the problems arising from this can, and have, filled whole books.

Recently we've heard a lot about "date rape," which often follows drinking parties. We've heard about casual promiscuity. And that 25% (in some places 60%) of children are now born to unwed mothers. Despite the millions of abortions done yearly. Only promiscuity can spread AIDS and other diseases, so rapidly.

Broken hearts

People learn "romantic ideals" from secular society. But how often do they end up with broken hearts? Right now, the figures for "contemplated", "planned", "attempted", not to mention "successful" teen suicides, are unbelievably high.

One old song talked of "looking for love in all the wrong places." I work in the seafood business, so I have daily dealings with some pretty rough types. Guys with "one thing on their minds" and it isn't fish! A word to you women: as you may know, the "raunchiest" comments are made "after" you pass by. And to you feminists: most of the women seem to "enjoy" the attention. In fact, they try very hard to get it. Some jog their feet right off. Many end up with anorexia and bulimia. Not to mention the boom in "self", "shape" and "image" magazines. An amazing level of self-absorption. Nothing to be envied, it seems to me....

At this time, Unification lifestyle is becoming better known. Matching, Blessing, strict faithfulness and self-discipline. At the same time, the problems of immorality and promiscuity are becoming more acute and obvious. People will see, more and more, a clear choice between these values and lifestyles.

One is more difficult at first, but takes a completely different road God's way. The other says "Anything for fun," but we all see where it leads.

I know what it's like, to be teased and persecuted. Most all Unificationists have experienced it. We must get out from under that shadow! We can be "proud" of our unconventional marriages. If teens want to "rebel", they can rebel against the fallen world! Many people will be looking to us for an alternative, and we've got to be ready to provide it! To be living it, be able to teach it, and to be tribal messiahs to our family and friends, old and new. I don't say it's easy, but I think that it will be well worth it. 

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