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A Treatise on the Heart Prism

by Lois A. H. Carlson - Edgewater, MD

"True love in a father-son relationship is vertical; in a husband-wife relationship it is horizontal; in a brother-sister [i.e., sibling] relationship it is on the front and back axis. God wanted such a spherical ideal of true love. Unification, then, is accomplished at one central point, where there is a convergence of the upper and lower hemispheres on the vertical axis, the right and left hemispheres on the horizontal axis, and the front and back hemispheres on the third axis. This point becomes the focus of centripetal force."-Sun Myung Moon, "The Fundamental Principle of True Peace," March 27, 1994, Second World Peace Conference

The reason people historically have received similar symbols through dreams or in deep thought is because they are representations of what actually exists within the universe. Coming from the point of view that mankind is at the center of both his external and internal universe, then the structure which most closely resembles the very essence of the universe would be contained within the core of each individual. I have called this structure the Heart Prism (see diagram).

The Heart Prism is our inner home, the place where "we" reside. This is the doorway to the other dimensions. What it is showing us is that the universe is patterned after the core relationships in the family (the Tree of Life). Through it, the eight major loves of God pass: father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister. It is diamond-shaped and composed of an infinite number of planes of energy. It is through these planes of energy that the different loves flow. At the center of this diamond-shaped prism is the pure white core, or where our original consciousness resides. The love energies we experience in our relationships enter the Heart Prism in set areas designed to be sensitive to that particular energy.

There are Four Great Realms of Love (parental, children, conjugal, sibling) which manifest through three pairs of hemispheres within the Heart Prism of an individual. The realms of parental and children loves are in the first pair of hemispheres. Through this pair, the two vertical loves of God flow. This pair represents God's dual essentialities of internal character and external form, or mind and body (spirit and matter). The other two realms of love, conjugal and sibling, each flow through a separate pair of hemispheres. These loves are the two horizontal realms of love. Conjugal love flows through the right and left hemispheres and sibling love flows through the front and back axis of the Heart Prism. These two pairs of hemispheres represent God's dual essentially of masculinity and femininity (yang and yin).

Each hemisphere is pyramid shaped. These three pairs of hemispheres compose the outermost planes of energy that directly interface with the physical world. They form the core of the Heart Prism for the individual. However, from here, there exists inwardly an infinite number of pairs going back generations in time.

Process of Growth

Originally, God created the universe as His object to reflect His two dualities of internal character/external form and masculinity/femininity in order to experience joy. Everything in creation reflects these dualities. In order to share His joy, God needed an object who could fully comprehend His heart of love and joy. Humankind was created to be this object. We have within us the potential to totally reflect the heart of God, capable of experiencing and sharing all the loves of God: parental, filial, conjugal and sibling. Participating in these relationships would bring the greatest joy to God.

The process of growth of the heart was created by God to be a natural and joyful experience by experiencing the Four Great Realms of Love (parental, children, conjugal, sibling) within the context of the family (grandparents, parents, children). Because the original archetypal ancestors, Adam and Eve, failed to establish this pattern of unselfish, pure love within and between themselves, they were not able to establish a purified, perfected pattern for the generations, thereafter, to follow. Now the process is an arduous one after thousands of years of image after image of false loves being implanted in each successive generation of Heart Prisms.

The responsibility of each individual is to develop his heart capable of sharing these four loves with God. Each person's central focus in order to accomplish this is to bring into unity his own two sets of dual aspects-internal character/external form (mind and body) and masculinity/femininity-centered upon God's heart. Ideally, this process would occur naturally over time within the framework of his family. By experiencing the harmonious oneness of his father's and mother's masculinity and femininity, the child would begin to pattern the loves flowing through his Heart Prism after this example of harmonious union.

However, not being born into a harmonious family of pure love, we as children then patterned the loves flowing through our Heart Prism after the disharmony and selfishness. We in turn created images in response to this impure love. The process of maturing our heart is the process of cleansing and integrating the different parts of our Heart Prism through repentance.

Rebuilding the Heart Prism

There are three stages an individual goes through to rebuild his Heart Prism. (See diagram.) The first stage involves restoring his relationship of love to himself. The second stage involves restoring his relationship of love to his physical parents and uniting with his True Parents. The third stage involves restoring his relationship of love to his grandparents and uniting with God.

In the first stage, the individual unites his second dual essentially of masculinity and femininity. In the second stage, the individual unites his first dual essentially of internal character and external form. The final stage is where the individual relates directly with God, the Father, finally becoming united with Him.

Process of Transformation from a Mystical Viewpoint

The first step upon the path of transformation is to become a pure brother or sister to the world, viewing his relationship with all others in this way. By focusing on purifying the relationship between his inner brother and inner sister, he recreates the third pair of hemispheres. This is the most difficult task, but it is the foundation for all other work as it restores what was not accomplished by our first ancestors. As he purifies his relationship to others, he begins to lose the sense of shame he has towards his being. His mind begins to take dominion over his body. They become friends rather than enemies. The relationship is like a rider on a horse that was tamed with love.

The individual then begins his journey home to the heart of God through the womb. To re-enter the womb, the individual must give up his selfish attachments to his birth family and ancestral lineage and become a part of the true lineage of God. A repentance for the sins of his ancestors facilitates the releasing necessary here. In addition to this, the individual makes a commitment to the daily study of his religious teachings and intense self-scrutiny.

Next the individual begins to recreate his second pair of hemispheres (inner bridegroom and inner bride) by replacing the impure images of sexual love with pure love images within his Heart Prism. Through the process of deep, honest self-analysis of how his inner couple relates to each other, the individual brings to consciousness those distorted images representing these parts in his Heart Prism. All impurity in the relationship of husband and wife contained within the heart of the individual must be revealed, cleansed and transformed into purity. Issues of trust and respect between the images will come up. Reflection on the distorted images he received in his childhood by people in these positions to him will give the individual clues as to the distorted images he holds within his own Heart Prism.

As evil is maintained through the give and receive action between a subject and object centered on Satan, it is in a God-centered relationship that the images will emerge. We choose to maintain self- centered heart attitudes by continuing these evil inner dynamics. Those people we find difficult to love reflect the "shadow" images we hold in the unconscious part of our Heart Prism. These unlovables are the images we need to learn to love in order to integrate them back into their proper position within the Heart Prism. This is why going out into the world to meet our unlovable is the most direct way of growing our hearts.

As the individual repents for these heart attitudes contained within the images of these relationships, he will begin to bring forth, in dreams or in outer relationships, people who reflect these evil patterns held within. Through continued repentance, the energy being created from this inner dynamic will be released and transformed, allowing the true relationship to occur. The same temptation that presented itself before Adam and Eve may appear here. Someone in the image of the individual's "shadow" masculinity (antichrist) or femininity (antibride) may tempt the individual away from his true inner images.

After repenting for the disharmony and impurity within and between the individual's masculine and feminine aspects (horizontal love) over a period of time, the dual essentialities of masculinity/femininity will begin to come in closer to each other. Once this is done, the realm of pure, masculine/feminine love (fidelity) will be established within the individual's Heart Prism. When this happens, the marriage dance begins between these two pairs. The passionate, protective love of the masculine for his feminine and the open surrender of the feminine for her masculine fills the individual's heart with waves of ecstasy. Through this union the birth of the individual's true self will occur. This is the relationship of Christ and his bride. The individual now stands in the position of True Child.

After this accomplishment and before the next step, God and His helpers pull back. This begins what the mystics call the Dark Night of the Soul. The individual feels like the foundation he just established begins to crumble. Confusion and self-doubt set in. A new cleansing process has begun. The pain, disappointments and frustrations the individual still carries in his heart begin to surface. This is the time of his own process of grieving. He faces his anger towards and distrust of God. Then somewhere from deep within comes the desire to trust again. The light begins to enter into the individual's soul once again and he moves on to the next step.

The individual begins to work on cleansing and integrating his dual essentialities of internal character/external form (mind/body). This is where the vertical relationships of love are held within his Heart Prism. These loves flow through the first pair of hemispheres (parent/child). The individual begins to identify, cleanse and integrate the images he holds in his Heart Prism of the figures and the relationships between each of the figures: father, mother, son or daughter; father-son; father-daughter; mother-son; and mother- daughter. The focus of this cleansing is the heart attitudes of the inner child.

The parent hemisphere is in the position of the mind and the child hemisphere is in the position of the body. The individual searches for the evil he holds in his child position of his Heart Prism which is holding on to his evil attitudes towards his inner parents. The hatred of this inner child towards his inner parents over time creates a wedge of hatred that begins to separate the individual's mind and body by blocking the communication between these two pairs of hemispheres of the Heart Prism. Mind/body unity cannot be achieved until this wedge of hatred is removed through deep repentance.

Again, the evil attitudes of the inner child are to be focused on and will emerge in a relationship. Our evil nature creates a parental scapegoat within our Heart Prism in order that it may maintain its evil attitudes by shifting the focus of its own evil attitudes onto the inner parent. As long as we scapegoat our inner hatreds onto others, no matter how justifiable it seems, this inner evil dynamic will continue and the wedge will remain between the mind (parent hemisphere) and the body (child hemisphere). So rather than focusing on the evil observed within the inner parent, the individual focuses on the child's attitudes and repenting for these. The evil dynamic and resulting energy created through it will begin to cease, enabling communication of the parent and child hemispheres to take place on a more honest and deeper level.

It is important for the inner child to understand that he is loved even with his evil attributes. It is only by standing before God in all honesty of feelings and thoughts that the child can be purified. So when an intense evil attitude emerges, rather than hiding from the presence of God, the individual brings this evil before the altar in repentance, and learns to be with God there. Under this child of resentment is the heart of the confused filial child. This true heart will begin to come forth. This is the relationship of true parents and child. The heart of filial love develops towards his parents.

At some point, the individual will have to let go of his dependency on his father and mother in order to stand on its own and move towards the next stage of development, where he learns to trust the universe. A deep desire within each soul is for unity with his creator. In this stage, the individual begins to relate directly with Heavenly Father. At this point in time, he confronts the false images he has held regarding God. As the images emerge, he focuses on identifying and repenting for any lust for power he has in a desire to control God. Again, the individual will feel attractions or repulsions to people in his outer world who mirror the inner images of his feelings towards God.

By aligning his heart to the true perspective, God begins to directly reveal His heart to the individual. A cry rings out from the depth of God's being to His children: "I never intended the world to be like this." The individual begins to feel-see the world from God's point of view. This is the relationship of grandparent and grandchild.

(I speak here as a woman.) As this relationship develops, the individual begins to have the single-minded desire of her heart to become one with her Beloved, God. A deep repentance rings out from the center of her being. A repentance devoid of shame. A repentance for the suffering her separation has caused Him. Then a deep realization comes to her that everything she touches is her Beloved's body. Eating becomes an experience of ecstasy, a union of their two bodies. Every love song is a song from Him to her and from her to Him. She feels Him being there with her as she becomes familiar with His presence. She begins to see the world around her as an expression of her Beloved's love. He created this home for her, His Beloved. She feels Him coming closer and closer into the center of her being. She is the vessel for her Beloved's presence.

The Beloved begins to reveal to the individual His femininity as she is to become one with this aspect of the heart of God. She begins to identify her own feelings and thoughts with His femininity. This part of God carries the deepest pain. This is the Divine Mother aspect of God that experienced the original desecration of the children she gave birth to and the world she helped form. She has continued through the ages to witness this violence. She experiences this violence within her own body, the universe. The individual begins to experience the intense pain and rage over these violations of love. God is revealing the pain He has been carrying in His heart to the individual. By this time, the individual needs to have developed the ability to process this intense pain, or she will run from it, or act out against another. Healing can come to this part of God's heart as the individual allows this pain to speak and grieve.

As the light comes closer, the shadows become clearer. The individual notices the shadow images of the original archetypal ancestors of Adam, Eve and the archangel. (I write here in the first person.) Is there an inner seducer or prostitute who desires union with God in order to control Him? I say to myself, "It must be my fear of surrendering to God that makes me want to control Him."

For a day, that seems to satisfy me. Then I begin to sense a shadow somewhere in this thought. I have to look deeper within. I read the Word on Eve's fall from God telling of her desire "to have her eyes opened like God's through a sexual relationship before she was ready for it." Where is my shadow in this pattern of the Fall? Then it comes to me. This is the fear of not having control over when I am to experience union with God. I have to give up even this desire. But what is left when this final desire is released? Confusion. The desire comes to run and say to hell with it and God. But my heart has already learned this lesson and remains with God in the confusion.

The very desire that pushed the mystic along her path towards unity with God now has to be given up. "Heavenly Father, forgive me that I hang on to this thread of selfishness. I don't know how to give this desire up other than to give it up. Please help me to love and serve you for the sake of loving and serving you only." Intense grieving and repentance occurs.

My mind asks my heart, "Why love for love's sake only?" My heart answers, "Because I want to share myself. That is all. To simply `be' with my Beloved. To be fully known by my other. And in that state of total knowing, comes my joy." "Oh," says my mind. My heart continues, "As long as you are desiring something, you are not being. And when you are not being, you are not fully there with someone." It is in the simple sharing of oneself with another that joy comes.

The fear was that if I let go, then God would not come to me. This fear is from the Fall and has been strengthened by the experiences we had as children growing up in our families. However, in the intimate relationship with God, the exact opposite happens. As you let go, He comes closer. Trust. Trust in the love of God. This is what was lost in the Garden. It is then that you realize that the greatest joy and deepest desire of your heart is not the magical union with God, but is to be recognized by God as His true son or daughter. Intimacy of heart is what God wants first. When this is realized, you have obtained the Tree of Life.


The path of transformation is a gradual unfolding process like a rosebud opening to its full mature bloom. Our hearts open slowly and naturally as it tastes the different loves of God. We, having been born on a self-centered love rosebush, opened our petals in that atmosphere. This impure love has burned and distorted our petals. We have responded in kind and further damaged them.

In Revelations 22:14, it states: "Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have the right to the Tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates into the city." I believe that the process of engrafting ourselves onto the Tree of Life of Christ (the true love rosebush) is what is referred to here. After grafting ourselves to the true Tree of Life, Christ, we begin our journey of the growth of our inner Tree of Life (our Heart Prism) to create a place where God can reside. When He finds His home within us, a home with all of its rooms completely remodeled, cleaned and the doorways between them opened, we will be eternally bonding together in true love.

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For those working in the area of healing the human energy field, I have written a small book revealing a third aspect of the field, the Heart Body. Techniques for healing on this level are given in the book, along with two meditations. The cost is $10.00 (includes shipping). Write: Lois A. H. Carlson, 3719-8th Avenue, Edgewater, MD 21037.


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