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The Family Pledge and the Human Energy System

by Lois Carlson-Edgewater MO

In prayer recently, I asked God what He would need the most after the completion of the 360 Million Couples Blessing. He said, "Education." The specific education He was referring to is the education as to how the human energy system is constructed. The time is coming when we will be open to this aspect of the universe, the spiritual dimension, and we will need to know how we operate on the level of energy. On July 10, I wrote an essay on the Family Pledge and the chakras. However, I became aware that some of the ideas on the human energy field presented in this piece were unfamiliar to many. Therefore I have written this essay to go with the previous one in hopes of clarifying them.

Most researchers of the human energy field have found that it is composed of seven different size solid balls of energy (oval-shaped) all fitting within each other neatly. It appears as though there are seven different size layers of light energy surrounding and penetrating the human flesh form. Each successive ball of energy is larger than the previous one as you go away from the physical body. Associated with each "ball" are one or two main energy centers or vortexes called chakras. The chakras funnel or collect the incoming energy identical to its ball of light and release energy back to the universe.

There is a main energy current running through the center of the human energy field from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Five of the chakras (2-6) are composed of two funnel-shaped vortexes. One vortex is located in the front of the physical form and one is on the back with their tips facing inward towards each other and the larger opening facing outwards to receive the incoming light energy. The tips of the two funnels for each chakra meet at and flow into this main energy line. The funnel-shaped vortex for the first chakra opens downward toward the earth to receive from and release energy to the earth. The seventh chakra faces upwards to receive from and release energy to heaven. Their tips connect vertically to the main energy current. (As this is very hard to describe without the help of a diagram, I suggest you look at the diagrams in Barbara Brennan’s book, Hands of Light, for a clearer understanding.)

Each "ball" of energy vibrates at its own rate with the longer frequencies on the inside closest to the physical body and the shorter frequencies on the outer layers. The particular color of the "ball" corresponds to its wave length. Therefore, the colors of the layers follow the light spectrum of red (1st chakra), orange (2nd chakra), yellow (3rd chakra), green (4th chakra), sky blue (5th chakra), indigo (6th chakra) and purple (7th chakra) with the red layer closest to the physical form. Because waves of energy make sounds, each layer and corresponding chakra have their own tone.

On the physical level, each ball of light and its chakra (pair) correspond to the seven main biological systems and organs such as digestive, reproductive, mental. The human energy system is designed as such so that when God’s life elements (white light energy) enter the energy field of an individual through the top of his head, they are broken out into their color components and funneled to a particular chakra and its corresponding physical system for nourishment.

Edgar Cayce said that the endocrine system (glandular system) is the physical counterpart to the chakra system. Each chakra has a corresponding gland or glands associated with it. These glands transform the invisible light energy into physical components so that the energy can be used by the physical body. For example, the 4th chakra is associated with the heart, lungs, thymus and lymph glands. Again, this is common knowledge for those who have studied the human energy field. There is nothing new here, yet.

What’s new is the grace True Parents have given us through reciting the Family Pledge. We were created to become the incarnation of the Word. Sounds carry certain vibrations. Buddhists chant the word "OM" with the understanding that this word has a certain vibration which manifests in a certain form on the physical level. The Word is sound coming from the Heart of God containing meaning and purpose. This is the significance of the eight Pledge points. They contain the perfect quality (meaning and purpose of the Heart of God) and sound for each chakra for the 10 energy centers of the human energy system. (I will explain the three other areas of the human energy field in the next paragraphs.) I compare the Family Pledge of the Completed Testament Age to the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament Age.

"The number ten is the number of unity with God. The course of growth to maturity requires a period to fulfill the number 10, through which Adam and Eve were to become the perfect embodiments of the number ten. When this number was defiled by Satan due to their Fall, God sought a central figure in order to restore this number and begin His work to unite the people with Himself by restoring them as perfect embodiments of the quality of the number ten." Exposition of the Divine Principle, HSA-UWC, 1996, p. 299.

The eight Pledge points align with the human energy system as such: the first seven Pledge points carry the original sound or word for each of the seven chakras; the eighth Pledge point contains three in one as it reflects the inner character of God’s heart directly (intellect, emotion and will) which is reflected in the "heart aspect" of the human energy system. (This "heart aspect" is described in my book, Healing in the Aquarian Age: the Heart Body.)

By introducing the Original Word to each chakra, the false word can be revealed and then cleansed out of our energy system through the process of repentance. In Edgar Cayce’s book, Awakening Your Psychic Powers, he explains how he aligned the Lord’s Prayer with the seven chakras.

The tonal quality of the Korean words of the Family Pledge exactly match the energy pattern for each chakra. I see a song being revealed in the near future which will be sung with these eight points and used for healing and the liberation of spirits. Spirits are only able to attach to us because of the sinful patterns in our energy field due to the various kinds of sins we or our ancestors committed.

Caroline Myss, a well-known lecturer and author in the area of the development of the soul, aligns the seven chakras with the Old Testament and New Testament ages in her book, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can. What she understands as the eighth level where we hold archetypes and our sacred contracts is what I understand to be the Heart Body, corresponding to the Completed Testament age.

Besides aligning the eight Pledge points and chakras with the three ages, I have aligned them with the Sung Sang, Hyung Sang and Heart aspect of a human being. This was explained in the essay I wrote on July 10, 1998 and is reprinted below:

The Family Pledge and the Chakras

One day I became determined to memorize the Family Pledge in English by heart. It was very difficult for me to memorize it because I was having a hard time understanding the flow of the content of the different points. Then one day I was inspired by the idea that these seven (now eight) points correspond to or align with the seven chakras. I further came to understand that you could balance each chakra by speaking each point while concentrating on the corresponding chakra. These seven points hold the original "Word" for each of the seven chakras. You can speak them in your birth tongue. But the best sound is the sound of your rebirth tongue, Korean, as this is the sound of Heaven.

When the eighth point ("Word") was given to us by True Parents, I understood that this represents the Heart aspect of our being which contains the Sung Sang element of the Heart of God: God’s original intellect (absolute faith), original emotion (absolute love), and original will (absolute obedience). By repeating the eighth point, you can align yourself with God’s original Sung Sang.

In addition to aligning the seven points with the chakra, I have aligned them with other points of interest:

1st Root chakra: Will aspect of physical mind (OT Age) "seek our original homeland...."
2nd Sacral chakra: Emotion aspect or physical mind (OT Age) "represent and become central to Heaven and earth...."
3rd Solar Plexus chakra: Intellect aspect of physical mind (OT Age) "perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart...."
4th Heart chakra: Spirit body (NT Age) "build the universal family encompassing Heaven and earth...."
5th Throat chakra: Will aspect of spirit mind (NT Age) "strive every day to advance the unification of spirit world and physical world...."
6th Forehead chakra: Emotion aspect of spirit mind (NT Age) "embody God and True Parents...."
7th Crown chakra: Intellect aspect of spirit mind (NT Age) "perfect a world based on the culture of heart...."
8th-10th Heaven: Absolute faith (intellect), absolute love (emotion), absolute obedience (will) of the Heart Body (CT Age) "achieve the ideal oneness of God and humankind in love...."

The verbs of the eight points are paired as follows, matching the two will aspects, two emotion aspects, two intellect aspects, and two "bodies": 1st and 5th chakras (will aspects); 2nd and 6th (emotion aspects); 3rd and 7th (intellect aspects); and 4th and 8th (spirit body and Heart Body). The basic content of the points align with the verbs as follows:

The 1st = "seek our original homeland" and the 5th = "strive every day to advance the unification of the spirit world and physical world." Both of these are seeking and striving for humankind’s original homeland.

The 2nd = "represent and become central to Heaven and earth by attending God and True Parents" and the 6th = "embody God and True Parents." Both emphasize the importance of becoming one with and representing God and True Parents.

The 3rd = "perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart" and the 7th = "perfect a world based on the culture of heart." Both emphasize perfecting heart, one’s own and the world’s.

The 4th = "build the universal family encompassing Heaven and earth" and the 8th = "achieve the ideal oneness of God and humankind in love." Both emphasize the oneness of humankind from the family level to the universal level.

An exercise you can do is to meditate on each chakra separately, repeating the pledge point to that chakra over and over again. Then ask God in prayer to show you the sin that is held in that chakra which is in violation of the heavenly law expressed within the pledge point. The next day look for the symptoms of the sin in your daily activities and relationships.

An example of this is if you focused on the 5th chakra (will, throat chakra), you may find yourself complaining and gossiping the next day (throat). This sin may manifest in you having a difficult time fulfilling your own promises (will). Pledge point 5 emphasizes the unity of spirit world (mind) and physical world (body). Repenting that night for the selfish showing of these sins such as envy or laziness with the true heart of gratitude to God for showing them to you will release the negative energy contained within that chakra and allow the holy Word to fill it.

* The concept of the existence of a Heart Body is probably new to many of you. Religions have called this part of a person’s being the Soul in contrast to the spirit. I give a deeper explanation of this part of a human being in my book, Healing in the Aquarian Age: The Heart Body. It can be found at my web site: members.aol.com/Eslcarlson/HBodyHeal. To sum it up, the Heart Body is the part of our divine nature which corresponds to the heart of God. It is unique to humankind, God’s children, and allows us to "have internal sensibility toward God" unlike the rest of the universe, including the angels. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, p. 46.)

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