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Many Remember Sir Cachola

Weeny Kim
March 15, 2008

Hello Families,

I couldn't hold my tears after knowing that Sir Cachola had left us already. Tears of sympathy for his family for the lost of a great father and husband to them and tears of gratitude for all the EFFORTS and TESTIMONIES DR CACHOLA BRAVELY DID IN PROCLAIMING OUR TRUE PARENTS - FATHER and MOTHER MOON to the entire EDUCATION COMMUNITY in our country.

Sir Cachola, a well known figure in the field of Education did a great job in his life course when he after knowing the Principle in 1994 took the leadership role of our teachers' group, the Philippine Teachers Association for the Research of Principles, (PTARP).

I could vividly remember the power and popularity of his name as president of PTARP. Just of his name, there is no need of EXPLANATION at all of what the organization is all about. Once they saw his name as the signatoree of any letters, we couldn't hear any word except a big "OK" and immediately a SCHEDULING of teacher's seminar for them.

There were several times that I was asked by tita Genie Kagawa to come down to Manila to give some moxa, ventoza and massage treatment to Dr. Cachola in his house. One time an urgent call for me to immediately visit him. Though I had a meeting I traveled to Manila by 10.30 and arrived in his house at around 1.30. Even though he was very weak and couldn't move his legs well, he tried to attend to me and served me lunch knowing by calculation that I didn't have any time to make a stop over for lunch that time. I could feel his physical suffering but he tried to show his determination and attendance to his guest.

When I was massaging his legs he was so sorry for me that I who was doing a public mission and holding a position in the UM (as he considered all elders of the church especially our leaders as people elder than him spiritually), had find a time to massage him...

At that time, when I was doing ventoza at his back...suddenly tears fell down from his eyes and told me how much he really wish to have a STRONG BODY TO BE USED MORE EFFECTIVELY FOR TRUE PARENTS. Honestly I was so shock because I thought he knew True Parents in a very simple way like as a great founder only.

Dr. Cachola was a very funny man. He never run out of jokes and stories even when he was in pain that time still he made me laughed so hard...Suddenly in the middle of those joking moments, he became serious and he told me how much he wanted to be HEALTHY AND HAVE LONG LIFE so he COULD SERVE TRUE PARENTS MORE. I couldn't and wouldn't forget his words when he said, I WILL USE MY REMAINING MOMENTS ON EARTH TO PROCLAIM TRUE PARENTS' GREATNESS, MISSION AND MESSIANIC CALLING.

He was so humble and have a grateful attitude even for simple things and favors people had done for him. I remembered also one time when he attended one ILC conference under Dr. Hyun Jin Moon in Korea in 2003 together with all WCARP Executive Directors and National Leaders. During the meeting with HJN as he presided it, all international and local chapter presidents were, of course occupied the most the seats on the table and others were just taking the back rows or sometimes just sit on the floor... Dr. Cachola knew very well that PTARP is only existing in the Philippines and there was no international image at that time. As a VIP in our country, HE NEVER INSIST HIS STATUS OR POSITION TO GET A CHAIR OR SPACE ON THAT TABLE. He just sat at the back comfortably. The hall was a bit big that if everybody was occupying the seats on the table HJN couldn't see the people at the back rows. It was only when HJN started walking while talking when he glanced at Dr Cachola. HJN immediately called him to a seat in front.

As you know, WCARP educational conferences are not just seminars but including training and very hectic scheduling of activities. One example was, the dorm where participants were accommodated was few blocks away from the restaurant where we have to eat every meal time. Dr. Cachola just tried his best to fit himself with that schedule and training from HJN WITHOUT ANY COMPLAIN. However, our KUYA ERIC who was with him and personally assisting Dr Cachola that time really worried about that situation and had talked to me if we could use our car to be his service... finally my husband seeing how unhealthy Dr Cachola was for that training, became their driver within the SMU campus. After that, every time he met me he wouldn't forget to share that story to anybody around with a big laugh of how he survived with that kind of training intended for young people by adding the words... "YOU SEE WENG I'M STILL YOUNG. PTARP and WCARP MADE ME YOUNG".

We have many VIP's who are helping us BUT very few really have the COURAGE TO SAY THEY ARE PROUD FOLLOWERS OF FATHER MOON. Dr. Cachola was one of those courageous VIP's who made a strong foundation for the Unification Movement to be well known in the Philippine academic community.

SIR, please find your eternal rest. We may have lost you physically but for sure, in another dimension of your life course, you can work more with us and support us.

SIR, I personally have my highest regard for your contributions to the Philippine Providence...

Surely, I will miss you SIR.

Our family's prayer for your Seung Hwa Ceremony...

Weeny and the CKTA family

Many stories about our staunchest supporters are unheard of; thanks a lot for sharing about Dr. Cachola, it is so admirable how he has stood by us for our HF/TP.

I know him to be supporting us as early as toward the mid-80s when he was still the president of the Isabela State University. As many old members may know, it was in that university where we had a very wide acceptance which began not with the studentry as customary in others schools, but among the professors/teachers themselves first. If I remember it right, the first seminar conducted there and the very place it was held was at one building where rooms were joined together to make a big hall, with no other than Rev. Phillip Schanker who gave the lectures. Surely, with full knowledge and permission of then president Dr. Cachola that faculty-wide seminar for teachers was conducted at that university he was heading. And then more seminars followed...

Dr. Cachola is indeed very fortunate to have done something for God's providence and had his heart deeply connected to it before his passing. This gives us the confidence that he goes to a world of enlightenment and God's love...

To our dearest Dr. Cachola, congratulations po and best wishes to you in that new world you are in now! Nagpupugay po, in behalf of Sister Soledad (Sol) Gabisan whom you may still remember and know better than me.



Now, you are the one who moved me into tears for this wonderful and deep testimony you are sharing to us with the beautiful experiences you personally had with our beloved Dr. Felipe Cachola. Indeed, Dr. Cachola is not only a VIP in name externally but he´s truly a VIP internally in the eyes of God and True Parents. Surely, we owe a lot to him for our movement to be known and accepted academically in our country.

His examples really moved me and made me reflect the value of our life, every single second, minute and hour. He made the most of his life fulfilling the very task God had endowed to him in which I appreciated and admired so much. All his commitments and proclamations served as a lesson to me, to really do the utmost of my ability to fulfill what God really wants me to do on earth.

Thank you so much Dr. Cachola for all your great efforts, dedications and love to God, to True Parents and to humanity. What you have done will not only be reminded but are really serving a great lesson to us all for us to truly do the most to support God's Providence on earth. Rest assured, Sir that will do our best to live up to the expectations of our dear Father in Heaven, with this commitment of ours, I know that you can live truly in peace and joy in the place you are in now. Together, we'll work to realize God and True Parents´ dream; One World Family Under God, a world of great people of hearts, living in harmony, great compassion, great understanding and great love!

Thank you so much! Our prayers will be with you and your family!!! With our deepest sympathy and love,

Dolor and Family

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