Words of the Cayme Family

The 10 Basic Lifestyle Of Every Unification Blessed Family

Weeny Cayme
March 15, 2002
Cabanatuan City, Philippines

Kingdom of Heaven is the place where heavenly traditions should be established and practiced by God's people. It is a place where the Victorious Parents of Heaven and Earth dwells together with the Blessed Families as the citizens. It is a place where peace, harmony, happiness, freedom and unity can be found. The only slogan you can observe is "live for the sake of others" which basically means "a life of practicing True Love".

As we have entered the realm where the amazing grace from Heaven is unimaginable, the era of the 4th Adam is the realm where the original lifestyle in the KOH as the supposed lifestyle of Adam and Eve prior to the fall should have been practiced. This is the realm where God expects to be realized 6000 years ago.

However, due to the fall of man, all heavenly ideals where not realized instead, we were born blind and ignorant about God's heart and heavenly traditions. Instead, we fell into the realm of selfishness and materialism became our top priority.

The greatness of our True Parents made everything possible. Despite our inequities, impurities and many unprincipled lifestyles our True Parents allowed us to receive this amazing value as Blessed Families as long as we can conduct ourselves according to the standard of Heavenly Kingdom.

From our True Parents speeches we can find out by ourselves the following basic lifestyles that are required of us. These lifestyles will eventually become the tradition that will stabilize our position as God's children and citizens of the heavenly world.

Keeping and practicing the traditions will allow us to connect ourselves vertically and heartistically to God and True Parents. Since Blessed Families are God's Children, Heavenly Families are the extension of the True Family. Therefore, we have to keep ourselves in such a way that we can proudly represent them in our thoughts, words and actions.

The following 10 basic points are the supposed lifestyle of the Blessed Families:

1. Life of Attendance to God and True Parents

Life of practicing absolute faith (doubtless), absolute love (unconditional) and absolute obedience (selfless) to one and only Victorious Parents of Heaven and Earth.

2. Life of Prayer

Life of making constant communication with God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, and Dae Mo Nim as our bridge to eternal life. Prayer life opens our senses to perceive things centering on God and standard of KOH. It empowers us and develops our sensibility to the love of God and True Parents.

3. Life of Studying God's Words

Studying the Divine Principle is to know the course of restoration centering on the messiah. This is the backbone of our faith. Doing Hoon Dok Hoi allow us to understand the way to perfection and the path to enter the KOH. Hoon Dok Hoi is the best way to learn how to apply our faith into action.

4. Life of Witnessing

Spiritual Children are the best gift we could only offer to God. For 6,000 biblical years of history God was desperately looking for His lost children and that includes us. His heart grieved a lot and harbor so much painful experiences. Therefore, to elevate us in the position to be claimed by Heaven, the condition of bringing 160 families back to God is absolutely necessary.

5. Life of Offering

Tithing was not a tradition set by the church or church pastors. Recalling the history at the time of Abraham, the tradition of tithing was set directly by God through Abraham. At that time, no religion existed, no church, no pastors and priests. Judaism as the first and oldest religion existed at the time of Judah-4th generation after Abraham. However, God instructed Abraham to offer a 10th of what he had to qualify him to use the rest of the material blessings he had received from Heaven. The bible specifically mentioned that a tithe is not actually to be offered but it should be given because this is not just human tradition but a heavenly lifestyle. Failure to give it makes us thieves and losing a lot of material fortunes.

6. Life of Observing the Sabbath Days

In the Old Testament, Israelites were very diligent in keeping the law especially observing the Sabbath Day as their attendance to God and their preparation to welcome the Messiah. Although everyday should be considered Sabbath days, we have to seriously consider Sundays as a day for God. Keeping the Sunday Pledge every (5:00 am) and attending Sunday Services is very similar to that tradition as our preparation to live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

7. Life of Vertical Connection

In the principle lifestyle, man cannot live without connection to God. The fall took place because Adam and Eve including Lucifer failed to observe the hierarchy system in the Garden of Eden. True Parents appointed Central figures throughout the world as God's representatives. All Blessed Families should know who their central figures are and connect themselves with them. We have to understand that God is the vertical Parent in which His love, power, inspiration, blessing, and fortunes only flow down vertically to True Parents down to church representatives. Hierarchy system is our vertical lifeline and from it tremendous power can be generated if we are connected with it.

8. Life of Heart

Our True Parents had shown the greatest example of how to practice true love through a lifestyle of continuous forgiving and forgetting. True Parents lifestyle is the best example of Jesus Christ teaching of forgiving our brethren 70x7. Before entering the Kingdom of Heaven, we should have a clean and pure life on earth that is a life of no resentment, hatred, and guilty conscience.

9. Life of Service

It is a life of continuous giving and forgetting. True Parents teaching from beginning until now can only boil down to 2 points: love God and love others. The expression of love is not in the words but it is through continuous giving and service to others. True Parents' teaching is a very clear application of Jesus teaching about filing treasures that cannot be destroyed by moth and dust but treasures that you can bring to heavenly kingdom. The more we give, the more we serve, the more we live for others, the more heavenly fortunes are coming to our family.

10. Life of Practice

The life of practicing the traditions of the Blessed families. It is not concentrating on the rituals but establishing the system in the heavenly kingdom.

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