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A simple note to our dear Philippine National Leader Jun Basuil

Winny Cayme
July 1, 2011

To our Beloved Brother Jun Basuil

As you leave us on earth I wish to send you my simple note. Regretful in heart that I couldn't tell you this while you are alive however I believe you will still find this letter somewhere along the road of your journey.

We may not have had the longest time of being together in particular mission but I had a quality time together with you during those moments when we were discussing situational cases regarding the providence in our country.

You may not have served the longest term as National Leader of Philippine Church compared to some but your term of being in that position is the most crucial moment in our history, That moment was the most critical period where your filial piety towards our True Parents is the most important condition not to lose the foundation laid by our elders and missionaries. That period was very special because that was the time that God found your deep faith and heart for God and True Parents and for the providence.

Jun please carry with you in the eternal world all the best memories you have in attending our True Parents and the providence. Those will be your greatest treasures and precious things to bequeath to your lineage.

Our life is not measure on how long we have lived but on how did we spend every second of it for God and the fulfillment of His will.

Our treasures are not just the external accomplishments we have done but more importantly the true heartistic relationship we built with our True Parents as we give our lives to fulfill our mission.

I'll gonna miss your humility and silent personality.... Please find your eternal peace at the bosom of God's love and warm embrace.

We are not yet over in our mission despite your passing to other world. You have been called by heaven to work in another level of responsibility that doesn't require physical limitation but needs an exemplary level of faith, loyalty and filial piety.

God needs you more than ever my dear!

Love U Jun!

Your loving Ate Winny will be with you in prayers forever...

God Bless You! 

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