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Tribal Messiah Mission In The Era Of Settlement And Attendance

Weeny Cayme-kim
May 2006

Before my lecture I would like to include first in my note a part of the speech of TPs about Ahn Shi Il since TPs reminded us that as we enter this era the responsibilities of Tribal Messiahs are to be accomplished without fail.

AHN SHI IL = day of settlement & attendance

(Excerpt from True Parents speech given last 2004 May)

This is the time of Settlement and Attendance and based on True Parents completion of their course they have given us the title as Owners of Cheon IL Guk and Tribal Messiahs. Father has been emphasizing recently two kinds of Tribes that we must be the Messiah for. First is the Internal Tribe which is that of our relatives, that is we should bless our relatives with the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine allowing them to receive the lineage of heaven and allowing them to step into the Realm of the Fourth Israel. Father has expressed serious urgency for this condition to be secured by all blessed couples. It’s the requirement of heaven for each Blessed Central Family to have the foundation that is required to secure the stable base of the Tribe. The Blessed Central Family is blessed and must develop the foundation of blessing in our own Internal Tribe (our Relatives and Family.) The other aspect of our Tribe is to be found in what might be called the External tribe.

This is the Tong Ban Kyok Pah or the Neighborhood and community development. Father has now commissioned us that through our own responsibility and in cooperation with the leaders of our community and church, we must bless and raise 3, 36 (3 x 12), 72, 120 and 430 couples** from both our internal and mainly our external tribe.

Why must we walk this course?

Through the process of raising, sacrificing and caring for others your heart expands and grows. It is ultimately for the perfection of the Love of God expressed through our own individual hearts. We go through this with our Blessed Marriages and Families. Through the course of digesting and overcoming difficulties in relationship our hearts grow in love. That's also the growth that occurs as we live and sacrifice for our neighborhood and our community. Our hearts grow. We become like God.

Now as we build our foundations of substance with our communities we are laying the foundation for each and every one of us to be the "Messiah" and the "True Parents" to our own family and community. This was the path that Jesus walked. This is the path of True Parents.

Now we are in the era where we are directly connected to God's throne. With the Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind as the Cosmic Parent, the incorporeal and substantial God can now form His family ideal centering on love that can position itself as the representative of the God of personality and for the first time He can rest on this day. Thus we have entered the age of attending God not on the Sabbath day but on this day of Ahn Shi Il.

My note:

TPs told us to bless the following number (#) of couples. Who are they? Either PMC or matched.

This is what i did when I was still in the Philippines but its not yet completed…(Note: * only blessed but no complete education)

*3--- my core spiritual children (matched)
*36-- members of my family : from my father side (uncle, aunt, cousins)
*72-- my relatives & other spiritual children
*120- from my group : aglipayan church members (cabanatuan & isabela)
430- from community: brgy aduas & brgy calawagan (partial only)

Crucial issue from TPs:

BLESS & RAISE (EDUCATION of these couples are very important: they are to live & conduct their lifestyle according to the tradition of the Heavenly Kingdom)

From the time Ahn shi il was declared, we cant escape anymore from the mission of Tribal Messiahs and as such, giving Blessing & Raising our Tribe is our MAJOR tradition & responsibility. The crucial issue now is, we ourselves as Tribal Messiahs must set the EXAMPLE and the MODEL COURSE for both our internal & external tribe to follow.

Imagine this, THEY can only see the Messiah (our TPs) through US (blessed families). The quality of our tribe depends upon the quality of education we are giving & the kind of lifestyle we are showing to them. When they look at US as tribal messiahs, they are not looking at the INDIVIDUAL YOU alone, they are looking at our VERY OWN FAMILIES.

Note: for non-Unificationists please try to relate with this term:

Tribal Messiah is the religious term for tribal leader but with more emphasis on its great role & mission as Heaven's emissaries and representatives of TPs. this term made all Blessed Families responsible to bring their families, tribe & community to follow Heavenly lifestyle and to the highest vision of resembling Jesus & TPs personality of True Love.


(1) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "me-my spouse-our children". Therefore: it is very important for all of us as blessed families to really strive our very best to meet Heaven's expectation, cope with our responsibilities and stand as HEALTHY BLESSED FAMILY.

(2) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "center of true love in our tribe". Therefore: we have to set the example of how to practice true love and make it as our culture & lifestyle. [TP's definition of true love: give & forget; forgive & forget; sacrifice & forget; invest & forget] when we say God is perfect and we have to be perfect like God as our Father (MT 5:48), our tribe is the best material for us to reach perfection since God's perfection is referring to the perfection love.

(3) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "extension of the TPs & extended family of the TPs" therefore: our connection with TPs should be of familial relationship (parent & child); our attitude should be of heartistcally attending our own parents, brothers & sisters (love for parents & family); our mission & goal should be the same with God's & TPs'.

(4) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "we are to settle our families, clan, tribes and community internally & externally" and show the way to receive material fortune.

(5) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "we are to set the example of how to live a life of attendance to God = a life of absolute faith (doubtless), a life of absolute obedience (submission of heart & mind), and, a life of absolute love (selfless love).

Thank God, the providence is extended until 2012! Although extension of the providence is a result of our failure to fulfill our mission we have to really consider this grace of time that is given to us NOW as a sign of TP's love for us. Let's make use of this time period to re-correct our lifestyle, redirect our minds, aligned ourselves with God's will, purify our hearts, mend all broken relationships, indemnify our sins, restore our fallen natures, fulfill our mission, accomplish our goal, reach our destiny and offer the best RESULTS to Heaven as owners of CIG.

Most of all, let's make our very own FAMILY, the true representatives of Heaven, the dwelling place of God, the center of love, and, the model of our tribe.

LET's MAKE A NEW START AGAIN! for those who havent started yet and for those who stopped along the way. Our renewed commitment and determination to follow this PATH, is the BEST GIFT WE CAN EVER OFFER TO OUR BELOVED TRUE PARENTS.

May heaven's blessing with you!


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