Words of the Cayme Family

The Heavenly Traditions

Weeny Cayme-kim
May 2006

1. Morning Pledge service

On the first day of the month, in each family, the husband and wife should offer a full bow together at five in the morning. This should be done in a joyful atmosphere. You should also do this at 5 am every Sunday. We should stand in a straight line with God at least during morning pledge service. It is a truly serious hour. You should repent if you are late even one second. You should also prepare some candy as holy food, like you would for the Holy Communion, and share it with your children. You cannot expect your children to grow well when you do not even strictly observe morning pledge service, devotion and Sunday service. You should establish a four-position foundation centering upon me. In order to raise descendants, the parents should do well. (excerpt from the Holy Scripture-unofficial English version)

2. Sunday Service

Parents should be a good example in a life of faith. In their family, they should show their children a life of faith in their prayer life or family service that is exemplary in every way. They should make children realize the importance of pledge time. It is not enough just to hold pledge service during that hour. As parents you should teach your children about God's will. You should go on expanding an environment enabling your entire clan to offer family service in anyplace. Therefore, whether you participate in official gatherings will become an issue; whether you fulfill your responsibility in official activities will become an issue; and whether you become a good example as a parent before you children in family life will become an issue. (excerpt from the Holy Scripture-unofficial English version)

3. Hoon Dok Hae

Hoon Dok Hae should be done at least by the husband and wife of all blessed families. They should do it for an hour every morning. If they are unable to do it in the morning they should do it in the evening before they sleep, even if it is twelve or one o'clock. I am doing this. I cannot skip it even for day. Do you understand? You should do Hoon Dok Hae whenever you have time; when you are alone or even when you are in the restroom. The important words contain in all my speeches are a record of the victories of the confrontation & battles of the past & present against the satanic world. Therefore you should read it all. You, your family and your clan to the seventh generation should unite with this tradition, and horizontally they should completely unite the 180 families to bring these words into practice & lifestyle. The words I say are not my own. It is not my words but the words of heaven spoken through me. Hoon Dok Hae is my way of releasing all the treasure boxes I accumulated in my life under indescribable hardships with the people. I am giving it to everybody without exception.(excerpt from the Holy Scripture-unofficial English version)

4. Program for Ahn Shi il (family-setting)

What to do (basic: step by step)

Prepare your altar with fresh flowers & candle (if possible with some food to share about by the family after the service)
Externally clean/purify yourself and dress appropriately
Begin the ceremony by singing Holy Songs (purification of Atmosphere)
Moment of meditation (silent prayer)
Couple & children together offered a full bow
Recite the family pledge
Opening prayer by the Head of the family
Couple should offer full bow to each other
Couple sit in front facing the children THEN children have to offer full bow to the parent (http://www.unification.net/tradition/tt1-04.html#06)
Hoon Dok Hae (topics from Holy Scripture = cheon seong gyeong)
Reflection sharing (to determine the comprehension skill of the children)
Individual prayer
Weekly reporting (encouraging children to express oneself about their weekly mission result, experiences, determination and setting weekly goal)
Whole family partaking the prepared bounty (parents first then share w/ children)
Closing song

5. Asia Continental Director: Dr Julia Kim's suggestions:

Despite the busy day of our family members, its better to do some public mission such as witnessing, FR, lecturing, helping the local church, and, or community service or giving pre-blessing (holy wine) during Ahn Shi il in order to have substantial offering during that day. If Ahn Shi Il falls on Saturday or Sunday or in Day off schedule, its best that Family Members & FT members go together in mission. Moreso with the local church & FT members, during Ahn Shi Il, it is must that there should be activity during that day where Family members can join in.

Dear blessed families in CKTA:

I sincerely wish that as we enter this 5th month of the year, we have clear mind, pure heart and strong will power to successfully engraft our families to the heavenly lineage through this heavenly traditions.

Likewise, we have to welcome the month of May with more internal conditions offered for the success of the 120 nation UPF rally centering on True Mother & True Children.

Moreover, we have to heartistically unite with sincere devotion during this 40days period that TPs had dedicated (from April 27-June 5) as a condition for the Historic entry of TPs to the original palace on June 6 (as scheduled).

From the Letter of Korean HQ for Korean local churches ONLY (translated into English by Mdm Luz Sofia) I CAME TO UNDERSTAND that this is the period where every blessed family has to make special condition of prayer, fasting, bowing, witnessing & pre-blessing, Hoondok activity in the community and make a strong determination to fulfill the donation for the Original Palace before the year ends. Together with this condition is a reminder of our ULTIMATE MISSION as Blessed Families & extended family of TPs that we have to seek our CAIN & ABEL tribes fulfilling the blessing & education of our 36, 72, 124 & 430 couples as completion of our Tribal Messiah Mission. With so much consideration given to us, AT LEAST, even the formation of the 36 couples shld have been accomplished before TPs will make the historic entry to the Original Palace.

We may all be confined in our own individual cases, problems and family situations, however, let us not forget that with all these difficulties we are experiencing & confronting now, we are changing the destiny of our lineage and setting the victorious model path for our future generations.

may God's abundant blessing and heavenly fortunes be with you all.

love & prayers,

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