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The Three Elements of Unification Faith

Weeny Cayme-Kim
August 18, 2008

Before my sermon I would like to quote words from Father Moon taken from the book, The Way of Unification family.

Because Adam fell, though he was the parent of humankind, his family was destroyed. Thus the broken family is to be recreated and the original family must be restored.

Why did Adam fall? It was because of his disbelief. Disbelief was the first cause of the Fall. What was the next cause? He fell because of too much self, assertion. He was a self-centered person. He was centered on himself and he fell. Next, he required the realm of love to be centered on himself.

These were the three elements of the Fall. Disbelief, and what was next? Self-assertion, centering on himself, and expecting the realm of love be centered on himself. These became the stepping stones for Satan. That is how the fallen angel emerged. For restoration through indemnity, we must deny these fallen natures. Then, how can we deny them?

Hello Families,

The solution to reverse the results of the fall lies on Father Moon's guidance too and I called it in my lecture:

The Three Elements of Unification Faith

Absolute Faith
Absolute Self-denial (absolute obedience / submission)
Absolute Love

When we say Absolute faith it is our absolute vertical relationship with God in a 90 degree angle. It shows no shadow and it stood in the noontime hour. Absolute faith is completely doubtless.

When we say Absolute Self-Denial - this is the idea of NO SELF existence. It is a complete submission to God, an absolute obedience to God's calling and command. We are just like a body who absolutely follow the command of the mind. No resistance and no hesitation. Just as Jesus being God's body and a Heavenly Son to God - our Eternal Parent and the Heavenly Mind.

When we say Absolute Love - it determines the very center, the core, the nucleus of LOVE who is to be GOD - our Eternal Parent. God is the source and author of LOVE. He is the origin and the very beginning of it.

Therefore, base on the above quoted words of Father Moon, our Unification faith is not centered on just religious rituals or ceremonies but basically creating this tradition of ABSOLUTE FAITH, ABSOLUTE SELF-DENIAL and ABSOLUTE LOVE.

This is a tradition to restore ourselves back to God's embracing heart.

Unification Church is not a church that concentrates on its own interest but a place where all humanity can learn the true way of returning to our ORIGIN. It is a place where we are guided to live according to the ORIGINAL WILL of heaven and a place to RECREATE OUR ORIGINAL SELF.

Unification Church is a SCHOOL where we are to learn the true way of life and where we can practice the tradition of absolute faith, self-denial and absolute LOVE before God. These are necessary elements in order to fulfill the Christian life's calling of LOVING GOD and LOVING OTHERS. Without focusing on its central teaching the fulfillment of Jesus' commandments will be difficult to practice.

These are the elements of UNIFICATION FAITH. See you again next Ecumenical Fellowship. God Bless and Peace be with everybody. 

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