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Memories Of Faith 1: I Was Called For A Mission

Winny Cayme-Kim
April 25, 2010 (12th day of the 3rd month of the 1st year of heaven)
Ulsan City, Korea

Hello families,

In this period of time where a dark cloud of confusion and faithless is hanging in the air, I have been spending much time contemplating of why these things became possible and occurring while we are now in the most ending part of God's providence.

As I'm reflecting, I came to the point of remembering how my life of faith started and I thought of compiling it. These are my inspirations, my strength and Heaven's calling for me.

So I believe the best way to keep it is by sharing it with others.

As I can feel that my life also is not getting any younger and longer, I just wish to post these stuff. It's not intended to inspire you or frustrate you, nor give you another IG lesson or boring chikkas.

I just would like everybody to know that I firmly believe that these MEMORIES of FAITH is my destined path even before I was born.

Happy weekend -- Winny

The Dreams (1): I have a mission

I was born and grew up in Makati City: Philippines. In the and spent my childhood days over there. When I was 10 years old my father died of heart attack and it became a very traumatic experience for me. My dreams and ambitions were shuttered into pieces and my views of life changed though. From the time he transitioned into the spiritual world, I had many both special and weird dreams and had been hearing voices from the unknown.

Just few months after that, he appeared in my dream asking me to come with him to a place where there are so much peace and beauty. He was convincing me to really go with him and enjoy the life in that place.

However, I vividly remembered my answer to him, "No I can't go with you now, I have yet mission to accomplish" Actually in my dream I was the Wonder Woman (the famous TV series during that time portrayed by Linda Carter) who had to save many children from "berdugo" (word for kidnappers and children's killer). I was barely 10 years old and full of fantasies. Nevertheless, as young as I was at that time, many people considered me as matured in my ways of thinking but of course the magnitude of still being a child was keeping me on that level and never thought of that dream seriously.

Now you are all laughing while reading this but thinking about what I am now, I considered that dream as God's way of preparing my path to where I am now.

The Dreams (2): the voice of Heaven

Due to an avoidable circumstances in our family, we moved to the province when I was on my last year in the elementary but I came back to Manila and studied at Philippine Women's University (Taft) - JMD (HS division) for 2 years. I stayed with my aunts (younger sisters of my father) who had supported my schooling at that time. However, I became sickly and decided to move to the province where my mother, grandmother and siblings were living. Therefore I finished my 2 remaining HS years at San Augustine Academy and had my college days in Cabanatuan City.

Dreams were continuously occurring as if my mind was not resting anymore that even at night my brain was working. My dreams were very clear even when I woke up the following morning.

It was summer of 1983 and I was already living in the province when I had this dream. That an old man appeared to me but I couldn't see clearly his face just the feature of a man and his voice, saying "My child, repent and change now for I am coming soon"

At that time, it was Lenten season where many religious people were celebrating the passion of Christ in every small church in the villages. My family was not excused to that since we were devout Catholics. My mother and grandmother were both women leaders in our parochial church. During my elementary years I had this catholic education from our school -- Holy Trinity Academy.

Therefore who would dare to think seriously about that dream? When I shared it with others, they told me that it was just a hangover or due to under sleep because we were doing the "PABASA" (a ritual of reading the passion of Jesus from birth to death in a singing way) and since we were younger compared with the grandmas, we were assigned at a night shift.

Though nobody took it seriously even myself, but the voice kept on ringing in my heart for several days. The voice telling me to repent and change for he is coming soon really struck me and every time I remembered it, I was pushed to really start my journey, to search for the truth and I decided to seriously read the Bible from cover to cover.

Every time, I questioned myself of who that man was, immediately another question came in "who else will be coming back? I was joking to myself: how about McArthur since he said I shall return. However the word REPENT and CHANGE was only spoken by Jesus.

I kept that inspiration and belief that Jesus was that man in my dream and from that time on I kept my longing to meet him. I established my belief that the Second Coming would surely occur and my prayerful wish was to meet him in my time here on earth.

As I start my journey, I had to be careful not to lose my sense of being a youth otherwise, I would be branded as crazy stuff among my friends. The force of secular world was pulling me to live the way a normal youth should live and I enjoyed that very much but my mind was suffering from this VOICE that was stuck in my conscience...

I thought these things only occurred in movies and drama series however it did happen to me and now I realized that at that time, God was already calling me and preparing my path to where I am now.

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