Words of the Cayme Family

Crucial issue from Father Moon - Tribal Leadership Mission

Winny Cayme-Kim
May 2010

"BLESS and RAISE" (EDUCATION of these couples are VERY IMPORTANT -- they have to live according to the lifestyle and tradition of the heavenly kingdom)

From the time Ahn Shi Il was declared, OUR mission as Tribal Messiahs was re-emphasized such as to witness, to give the Blessing and to raise our Tribe as one of our MAJOR traditions and responsibilities. The crucial issue now is, we ourselves as Tribal Messiahs must set the EXAMPLE and the MODEL COURSE for both our internal and external tribe to follow.

Imagine, THEY can only see the Messiah (our True Parents) through US (blessed families). The quality of our tribe depends upon the quality of education we are giving and the kind of lifestyle we are showing to them. When they look at US as tribal messiahs, they are not looking at the INDIVIDUAL YOU alone, they are looking at our VERY OWN FAMILIES.

(1) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "me-my spouse-our children". Therefore: it is very important for all of us as blessed families to really strive our very best to meet Heaven's expectation, cope with our responsibilities and stand as HEALTHY BLESSED FAMILY.

(2) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "master and center of true love in our tribe". therefore: (We are to follow Christ's way of loving) we have to set the example of how to practice true love and make it as our culture and lifestyle. [Father's definition of true love: give and forget; forgive and forget; sacrifice and forget; invest and forget] when we say God is perfect and we have to be perfect like God as our Father (MT 5:48), our tribe is the best material for us to reach perfection since God's perfection is referring to the perfection love.

(3) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "representative of the True Parents and extended family of the True Parents" therefore: our connection with True Parents should be of familial relationship (parent and child); our attitude should be of heartistcally attending our own parents, brothers and sisters (love for parents and family); our mission and goal should be the same with God's and True Parents'.

(4) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "we are to settle our families, clan, tribes and community internally and externally" and show the way to receive material fortune.

(5) TRIBAL MESSIAH means "we are to set the example of how to live a life of attendance to God = a life of absolute faith (doubtless), a life of absolute obedience (submission of heart and mind), and, a life of absolute love (selfless love).

(6) TRIBAL MESSIAH means driver of the providence = leading the entire team into the fulfillment of God's will with an attitude of empowering each member/family and directly showing them the right path to fulfill Heaven's will.

(7) TRIBAL MESSIAH means vanguard of heaven and frontline of the providence.

(8) In one short phrase, TRIBAL MESSIAH means we are to become true parent, true teacher, true owner and true leader of our tribe and create a community of LOVE. 

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