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Memories of faith - The dreams (4): The White and Black Angel

Winny Cayme-Kim
May 2, 2010 19th day of the 3rd month of the 1st year of heaven 1:00 AM
Ulsan City, Korea

I was in my 3rd year HS when I had this very meaningful dream about the white and black angel.

What I could remember as the beginning of it was a black male angel holding my left hand and asking me to choose between him and the white female angel who was standing on my right side which I didn't notice actually in the beginning until the question was raised by the black angel.

I didn't answer him in words but in action as I grabbed the hand of the white angel. (Later after knowing the Divine Principle, I realized that it has great significance).

The moment I grabbed her hand she held my hand strongly and we ran away from him. We kept on running and running passing through different incredible obstacles. One was a rough stony road. I couldn't understand why I was not wearing shoes or slippers that time. That case was so severe that my feet were bleeding due to those rough-pointed sharp stones. I was thinking, "Whew, because she was flying that's why she didn't even think I'm a human being". I felt I shouldn't give up despite the pains since the black angel was chasing after me with a furious feeling since I didn't choose him.

Right after that we had to pass through a very narrow alley with cemented walls, super narrow that I couldn't pass if I wouldn't be running sideways. It was too long that caused my body to have lots of bruises and bleed. Of course the angel was a spirit being so she could easily pass by without thinking about how difficult I must had been. I was almost crying in pain since all throughout my life until that time I never knew what painful body was because I hadn't experienced any.

However, I was shocked that at the end of that long narrow alley, we came up to a very beautiful vast green field with fresh green grasses, very similar to some TV commercials I saw. It was a place I wish to be at. So peaceful, so fresh, so calm with gentle breeze touching me. I was so comforted. All my body pains were gone and I couldn't find any corner of that narrow alley. I couldn't see the boundary of sky and grasses. Nobody was there except me and the white angel.

What was strange was that a simple stage about a meter high above the ground with a single chair in the middle appeared before my eyes. She held me up to the stage and had me sat on the chair while she remained on the ground. She told me, "have peace, you are now safe here" then she disappeared.

My gosh, the moment she was gone, I saw the black angel holding my left leg and saying, "You can't escape from me, you're mine". I was fighting to the fullest as he was pulling me down. I kicked him the hardest I could while shouting, "I don't like you, leave me alone", several times until I woke up. (You could imagine this incident as similar to a movie where a woman was trying to escape from a rapist...)

During those times, I had nobody to turn to discuss my dreams. Nobody would believe me. My lifestyle was completely opposite to be called a religious person. My personality was so terrible if judged by the Divine Principle. Despite my journey to search the truth, my appearance and aura wouldn't coincide with it therefore, people would never believe me. The more I would talk the more I would be branded as crazy young gal in the village. Also in the eyes of old people I was too young then to be receiving these revelations.

The morning I woke up, I was praying to Lord Jesus Christ to let me had the person who can interpret my dreams. The more I had to read the bible and tried to understand it by my own interpretation base on inspirations coming from heaven. But I felt reading the bible was not answering my desperate wish to know the meanings of my dreams. So I seriously prayed to Lord Jesus Christ, please let me meet you in my lifetime and had promised to him that as soon as I meet him, I will dedicate my whole life to him. That was first time I gave my commitment to follow the Lord if ever I would meet him.

By the way, when I learned the Divine Principle, I could easily understand the significance of our Portion of Responsibility (POR), our 5% responsibility because of this dream. I could understand easily that our lives were dominated by Satan or should I say we are living with Satan (as the black angel was holding me). I could easily understand the idea that God is just waiting for us to come back to His bosom. He is not asking us to choose but waiting for us to choose Him.

This dream helped me greatly to understand the value of Man's POR which is very vital in our spiritual growth which I couldn't learn from any existing Christian denominations. Without this dream, I may have a hard time understanding the very essence of the principle.

I also realized that going to the Kingdom of Heaven is really not easy and the moment I chose to be with God, I would definitely experience lots of pains and suffering life. This dream helped me kept a positive attitude towards suffering life in my church life until now.

I also realized that even though it appeared to be I'm safe or stable, until I hadn't reach my final destination, Satan will kept on bugging me and dragging me to be with him. This dream helped me developed an attitude of NOT giving up my faith even in a Hellish situation or environment.

I realized also that at the end of suffering life, even though how much painful they would be, nor how long it would take, there will surely be Heaven full of happiness and peace. That beautiful lawn at the end of all those painful journey gave me so much hope that despite all our sufferings, surely Heaven will be the end of our journey as long as we choose God.

ONLY after I learned the Divine Principle I could have interpreted these dreams. I was thinking, oh my gosh! God had been preparing me since 1983 to this path and life journey. 

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