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Series Lectures for Ulsan City Filipinos

Winny Cayme-Kim
April 27, 2011

For those who are interested, you can join us in our Series Lecture Program for Spiritual Education on the following topics:

A. Unification Principle Topics (Basic Course)

1. Three Stages of Life

2. The Purpose of Life and God's Will

3. God's Ideal Plan and the Reality of Evil

4. The "Fruit" and Original Sin

5. Elucidation of Biblical Parables and Symbols

6. Purpose of the Messiah and Jesus' Course

7. The Historical Families of Adam-Noah-Abraham

8. The Second Coming of Christ: How and Where

9. Parallelism of History

10. Development of God's Providence and Foundations to Receive the Messiah

11. Clear Understanding about the Messiah and his Immense Value

12. The Course of the Messiah

B. Internal Guidance (Advanced Course)

1. Life of Attendance and the Importance of Internal Relationship

2. The 4 Lost Things in the Garden of Eden (Formula Course)

3. Value of Spiritual Children

4. God's Timetable

5. Significance of the Blessing

6. Value of Tithing

7. Motivation and Process of the Fall

8. The 8 stages of Restoration (Pal Jung Sik)

9. 3 day Ceremony

10. 4 Great Realms of Heart

11. KOH: the Peaceful Ideal World (Features of an Ideal Society and CIG)

12. Family Pledge

C. Heavenly Secrets (Life of overcoming)

1. The 3 Ps: way of Life

2. True Humility

3. Subject and Object Consciousness

4. Selfless Attitude

5. Prohibited Cs in Life

6. 3 kind of Judgment

7. dangerous "I" that lead to Hell

8. Path of True Love

9. Trinity of SOP: Suffering-Overcoming-Power

10. Heavenly Lifestyle

11. Model Course of Jacob and Job

12. Public Mission and Private Life

D. Special Topics

1. Baskets of Fortune

2. Sin and Diseases

3. Family Pledge

4. Jesus' 3 Temptations

5. Principles of Resurrection

6. Tree of Sin and 4 Evil Personalities

7. Family Tree

8. 4 kinds of Man

9. Philosophy of Education

10. Predestination


Contact me (or any of your Unification Friends) or thru facebook

Time: Saturdays (1-5 pm)

Call first: Weekdays afternoon (3-5 pm) (depends on my available day only)

Venue: My house at Yangjeong-dong

Sundays: 1-5 pm Sunday Service for Special Topics and Others

Venue: Nanum Sarang Multicultural Center in TaeHwa Rotary

This program started last April 23 with 5 guests and on April 27 we have another 2 more sisters joining us. We expect another group of sisters on Friday....

Those who have wished to really finish the above-mentioned course-topics are to fill up the data form for recording of what lectures they have finished....

we wish to see more of our Ulsan Filipino Brothers and Sisters joining us in this program!

God Bless You!

Peace be with you

Shalom, A Salaam Aleikum 

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