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Daegu Kyeongbuk Leadership Workshop 2011

Winny Cayme-Kim
September 26, 2011

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, June 3, 2011

Daegu/Kyeongbuk seminar /workshop was organized and held last July 16, 2011 Saturday at Daegu Regional church. Since 2008 which the two Regions were merged into one, this is the first seminar/workshop that was held. When the leadership responsibility was transferred to me last year to lead the two merging regions I have doubts if I could fulfill the task and responsibility because I don't have the qualities and leadership skill physically and spiritually to guide our sisters.

The highlights of the seminar/workshop was the lecture given by Bishop Winny Cayme-Kim about effective leadership and secrets as how to guide members to the proper direction of their faith and responsibility. During the workshop, Bishop Winny discussed enthusiastically the basic attitude a leader-member should have in an organization, our basic responsibility towards the fulfillment of our mission.

For several years that had passed, our sisters never had workshop as such as inspiring but conscience stricken as what we had this time. Our sisters got a clear direction of what they need to do, a clear scenario of our problems are and how we can start all over again with that determination.

Bishop Winny also gave us some strategy for follow up system and how to deal with delicate matters in reviving our long lost sisters. In her lectures she incorporated her leadership experiences in the Philippine church for more than 12 years and connected all the ideas centering on the principle as well as relating to the true to life situations of our sisters here. Because of that, our sisters could easily relate to the topics and clearly understand the course we are in as of the moment. It gave us realization of where we have gone wrong and where could we start over.

The program started at 9:30 with the inspirational message from our Regional Director emphasizing the unity of husband and wife centering on God and True Parents in order to achieve happiness. After the leadership lecture, in the afternoon we had team building activities entitled the "LOST IN THE SEA" which was a group dynamic activity. In this way every church members' group shared their thoughts and ideas on how they can solve the specific task given by solving and salvaging the item needed in order to be saved in the Pacific Ocean. This activity was like a preparation of how we could apply what we have learned from the lectures.

The last part of the program was individual planning of church activities and assessment of what they have learned during the lecture. We also gave time to discuss our future activities and we planned for more education and follow up programs. So far each participant came up with good suggestions. Almost all of us got revived, motivated and inspired to work harder.

Each church has submitted their plan to revive non-connecting members for a long time through home visitation, Hoon Dok Hae and Divine Principle lecture practice and service projects.

In order to have continues education everybody agreed to have a three educational workshop in a year. I hope this program shall be realized. 

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