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Bible Fellowship open to all Filipinos in Ulsan

Winny Cayme-Kim
September 27, 2011

Our dear Brethren in Ulsan are all invited to join us in the Inauguration Ceremony of Philippine Inter- Religious Community in Ulsan on Saturday October 1st 2011 (2-4 pm only)

This will be the beginning and start of our Bible Fellowship for Filipinos in the city

For first timers:

Venue is located at Bukgu Yangjeong-dong (near Yangjeong Church). You can get off at Hyundai Car Motors gates 3 or 4, take the street at NongHyeop Bank, go straight and turn right at the last street corner.

For those who knew Ansing's or my house, just go directly to our place...

Open Bible Fellowship to all Filipinos:

No need of invitation, just come over every Saturday before 2pm. Bible Fellowship will only be 2 hours from 2-4 pm including discussion and get-together.

God Bless You!
Peace be with you
Shalom, A Salaam Aleikum 

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