Words of the Cayme Family

Hoon Dok Academy for Busan Han-Fil Families

Winny Cayme-Kim
March 29, 2012

To: Rev. Kim Hong Joo (Busan-Ulsan), Rev. Lee Myeong Jeong (Busan), and Rev. Kim Soo Yeong (Busan International Families Director)

Fr: Bishop Winny Cayme

Da: 1 April 2012

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Hoon Dok Academy for Busan Han-Fil Families


True Parents are my Parents

Witnessing-Education-Blessing are my mission

Heavenly Tradition is my lifestyle

Who are True Parents?

My Absolute Vertical Axial Line

Source of my life-love-lineage

What are our Missions?

1. Witnessing

a. (tribal restoration and community breakthrough)

b. (organization of 3-12-36-72-124-430 families)

2. Education

a. (blessed family life – 2nd gen education – Unification tradition – God's providence)

b. (Hoon Dok Hae and OSDP)

3. Blessing

a. (430 tribal blessings – 210 generation of ancestors)

Time Period for Pilot Project: April 1-29

Who are to attend?

Busan Philippine Blessed Sisters and others interested from nearby cities


1. Education:

a. to develop a higher level of attendance to God and True Parents and to the providence

b. to strengthen their faith and guide them participate in church activities

c. to educate them about Church Traditions

d. to help them take responsibility as God-sent missionaries to Korea and fulfill their mission in building CIG nation

e. to prepare them organizing an International Fellowship Community in Busan

2. Follow-up:

a. to keep their connection with and among us as part of the family and circle of friends

b. to keep an open door and embracing heart for everybody as the new culture in our church strongly encouraged by Rev Hyung Jin Moon

c. to establish strong trinity and or cell units among Han-Fil families.

3. Witnessing:

a. to keep the spirit of producing and saving new lives, new people, new mindset

b. to develop the heart and concern for all our sisters and fellow Filipinos

c. to make them understand that witnessing is LIFE itself!

d. to show them that spiritual children are the foundation to receive material fortune


1. Hoon Dok Reading

2. Reflections from participants

3. Main lecture or final message


To bring our sisters into a true revival of heart while studying God's words *to create unity and harmony among ourselves as the very source of POWER

While we are doing Hoon Dok Hae and witnessing together *to lead them into full consciousness about life with sense of responsibility towards our brethren while we reach out to our brothers and sisters to make them feel the heart of God as we do witnessing and reach out.

Hoon Dok Hae TOPICS for our Sisters blessed with Koreans every Sunday morning (11-1 pm)

(April 8) formula course (unification tradition) (restoration of creation-man-heart)

(April 15) vertical and horizontal 8 stages of restoration (C/A and course of Filial Piety

(April 22) life of attendance and our blessed family life

(April 29) life of witnessing

Ecumenical Fellowship Topics for our Filipinos every Sunday afternoon (2-4 pm)

(April 1) Faith and Heavenly Tradition (April 15) Basket of Fortune

(April 22) 3 great Blessings and 3 great Responsibilities

(April 29) Root foundation of our faith 

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