Words of the Cayme Family

Reflection at Hoon Dok Academy Educational program of Bishop Winny Cayme-Kim

Leilanie Ga
April 28, 2012

Sun Myung Moon March 26, 2012

I came to Korea about 10 years ago but I have never been this busy in my church attendance compared to when I was in the Philippines. Many times I felt my life of faith is becoming dry, not because I lost faith and dedication to the church but because I felt I haven't given heavier responsibilities in the church. Perhaps I was given but I didn't feel the obligation to do more and feeling that I came later than others became an excuse and didn't feel the responsibility to take care our sisters. I was easily discouraged especially if I know that a member is already negative to the church or for a long time didn't care to visit the church. I just thought as long as I'm here it's OK.

Then came this chance to have our elder sister Bishop Winny educating us and little by little reminding us of our role here in Korea. I saw how she raised up our sisters in Ulsan and even before as she was in the Philippines. I began to have this desire to receive guidance and education directly from her on how to revive the spirit of our sisters. It started with the leadership seminar followed by Sunday fellowships where some members that we haven't seen for a long time come back to the church and felt inspired by her sermons. Then the desire grew bigger in my heart wanting to have more. I felt it's not only the long disconnected members get revived but me too who had been so dry spiritually for the past years. I led Busan for the past years but I was not able to feel the united and happy efforts that the members are showing every fellowship that we have.

Then Bishop Winny encouraged us to attend the Hoon Dok Hagwon and invite our members. I was very happy to see 20 people and thought "Thank you Heavenly Father that we still have these people whom You can trust in our region and are willing to participate in the providence."

The readings that we study like witnessing, three spiritual children and the formula course of restoration reminded me again of the fulltime life in the Philippines. I only have one spiritual child actually not because I'm not inspired of the Divine Principle but I realized thru the lecture that perhaps I was not able to let other people feel God's heart much, or perhaps I wasn't trying more. I don't expect to have instant spiritual child within this Hoon Dok hagwon but I felt the revival I am receiving will help me start again to witness. I believe that witnessing doesn't end after this month but it's a lifetime mission. I'm very sorry though to Heavenly Father and to my sisters that I couldn't bring even one guest. Not bringing one person to Heaven this month does not discourage me to do my responsibility that is to serve our members just like my family.

Bishop Winny is a very sick person but her physical limitations didn't stop her from doing her what she thinks are important, necessary and urgent. The more I see her coming even though she is sick just to educate us made me feel repentful to Heavenly Father and it gives me power to do more than what I have done in the past. I'm very grateful that I could receive direct education from her and feel God and True Parents love to be shared to our members. I also feel grateful to our sisters that they are inspired to keep coming back. May we use this inspiration to revive the spirit of Busan. 

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