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Kwangju-Jeonnam PBMK Hosts Educational Seminar - Winny Cayme-Kim

Cheryl Pacis Na
October 18, 2012

Forty one Jeonnam-Kwangju PBMK members were filled with spiritual nourishments and guidance after receiving a 2-hour special educational lecture with the theme "Moving Forward Towards A Victorious Foundation Day" presented by Bishop Winny Cayme-Kim at Kwangju Unification Church Regional Headquarter, Oct. 13, 2012

Rev. Chang-eon Jo of Kwangju Church in his welcoming address, "Having an educational lecture like this provides an opportunity to know what we don't know, to get indirect experiences and deepen our understanding. If you understand deeply, you can also relate deeply with others heartily," explained.

Bishop Winny elucidated passionately her topics on 10 months in the Messiah's womb, the Pentecost period after 53 days condition offered by True Mother and the marriage of God on Foundation Day. These topics are essential for members to know and guide us to have a deeper perspectives on the past, present and future providential path that the True Parents are leading us towards the substantial establishment of the Cheon Il Guk especially in this critical period where confusion inside our church is on like the issues concerning the True Children.

Bishop Winny clearly explained the difficult restorational course of Cain and Abel relationships within the True Family. The fact that Kook Jin Nim (elder position) and Hyung Jin Nim (younger position) overcame and restored their positions victoriously and most especially Hyung Jin Nim's absolute unity with True Parents in heart and mind, he could succeed True Father as the spiritual leader of the church and the movement as a whole but not inheriting the Messiaship of the True Parents because only the True Parents are the Lord of the Second Advent!

"Let's not judge the True Children and be affected by the circumstances they are in now if we haven't done anything nor have prayed for them. Also don't look at the mistakes or negatives from others nor compare yourself to anyone. Instead, please concentrate on our own restoration and help others as well while we march forward to complete our own courses for individual-family-tribal levels.

During the lecture the members were responsive, alive and so moved by her topics. At times, Bishop Winny elicited laughter from the audience creating a jolly atmosphere despite of the seriousness of the topic.

She concluded her lecture by emphasizing True Mother's latest speeches and clearly explained the significance of the Foundation Day which is the time of rebirth for all central blessed families, the beginning when God will have direct dominion, the period when all confusions will be resolved and the substantial Kingdom of Heaven is realized. "To prepare for the coming Foundation Day it is very crucial to fulfill tribal messiaship." she added.

"We have to move forward no matter what!" she emphasized.

Two sisters namely Carina Pacada Hong of Naju church and Divine Talibong Park of Kwangju Church shared their reflections. Carina had ignored many directions because she didnt realize the seriousness of the times maybe because she didnt understand well or it was never related like it was presented during the lecture. She is resolved to do her best from this time on. While Divine was also grateful to the lecture because she can understand better than listening providential events from the Korean pastor in her church.

In other regions like Jeonbuk, Namwon Church and Busan Region through their own invitations, Bishop Winny gave the same special lectures.

The gathering opened with a prayer given by Rose Satumba of Goheung Church, the 3 Victory Cheers was led by Lolit Wadwadan of Jangheung and ended with a benediction prayer by the main lecturer. The program progressed smoothly with Maryden Sario of Kwangju as the Master of Ceremonies. 

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