The Words of the Kim Family From 2008

Cabanatuan Center Re-construction Project Needs More Support

Weeny C. Kim
April 28, 2008

The following list of donors below for the construction project of our Region 3 HQ and chapel. Cabanatuan Center collected a sum of donation but the project needs more budget to finish everything and make our Regional Peace Palace presentable for and in conducting our activities. As we all know, Cabanatuan property was acquired because of the mobilization for the providence.

We acquired the land in 1995 through the help of our CD, with the hope that we can be the number 1 supporter of God's Providence in the Philippines centering on HQ (since we are the nearest region to HQ). That is the greatest blessing we ever received from our Asia Continental Director or CD and with all the efforts of our Region 3 members, we were able to erect our chapel made of native materials in 1997 which gave us a lot of comfort in conducting workshops for the entire Northern Luzon and supported the successive mobilizations at that time.

As time goes by, all things get older and rotten and we really need to repair it. From the time of Kuya Lito Gualdajara, roof renovations were done and now in the era of CIG, a big renovation and re-construction should be done and be finished in order that we can go smoothly with the fast growing providence in our country. With the BFWP (barangay breakthrough), TIMD, WCARP and other activities, Region 3 is expected to produce substantial results. Without facilities of our own, we will be spending a lot in every activity that we will be conducting. For this reason, Iím strongly encouraging every member coming from central Luzon to give their share for the development of our region. Our tribes will take pride of our church as it is the central place of our faith.

Now our elder Rev. Hyung Jin Nim is emphasizing the importance of our church and tradition to give DIGNITY TO OUR TRUE PARENTS. Our building, our properties are the outer face of our Movement and our True Parents. Let us do our best to contribute any amount to finish it and do our best to support all our activities which will eventually lead to the restoration of our tribe itself... For those who wish to send their donations:

Those who are in Korea: please contact me.

For those who are in Japan, we can contact Kuya Isaias

For those who are in Thailand, USA, Nepal, Malaysia, HK, Canada and other countries, please directly contact our regional church at or Jo Remegioy's direct number.

In behalf of our Regional Director Joy and Eric Remigio, as they ask me to post this list, they are expressing their deepest gratitude for all our support. It does not matter whether your donation is big or small amount. What matters is the heart of love and concern we always give to our spiritual birthplace and hometown.

Wherever we are in now, still, we will need our center to educate our tribe and families, since Tribal Messiahship is our ultimate mission. We will all eventually go back to our hometown and restore our tribe and community. For sure, our tribe, community and family will ask and will take pride in our spiritual birthplace. Isnít it?

Lovelots and in behalf of the Regional Director,


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