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RYS Project in Estonia

René Chaillié and Ravi Galhena
August 24, 2005

Place: Pilistvere, Estonia
Dates: 8 - 24 August 2005

Young volunteers will be mainly drawn from CIS and European countries for this project. The project will be conducted in English and participants from other regions are also welcome.

The practical work includes building up a Summer Kitchen, cleaning the garden and some painting in a community area of the Lutheran church premises in Pilistvere.

Our participants will visit Christian religious sites and others interesting places in the area. The programme is aimed at young people to become ‘Young Ambassadors for Peace’ drawing from the rich spiritual heritage of humanity.

There will be an educational programme running from the start until the end and this includes acquiring leadership and organisational skills to carry out community projects of this nature. There will also be rich cultural evenings together with the Church congregation and Viljandi Cultural Academy which includes Estonian folk music and dancing. The participant will make individual and/or group presentation in the cultural nights.

There will be side trips organised to visit historic places in Tartu, Viljandi and Potlsamaa.

Participation fee is US$ 250 per person for the Western Europeans. The fee includes accommodation, meals and local transportation during the project.

Please contact René Chaillié or Ravi Galhena for more details

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