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Dr. Cho -- Bring the Happy Heath Medical Providence to Africa

July 19, 2011

Sun Myung Moon May 5, 2011

I'm writing to you because I just got a call from Ikeno-san in Las Vegas. As you know Father is in Nigeria now, and Dr. Cho who is in charge of the Happy Health medical providence, is also there. It seems that the Nigerian government's Department of Health wants to develop the Happy Health machine in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

So Father immediately gave the direction to Dr. Cho to hold a two week Happy Health Seminar in Las Vegas from August 20-Sept 4th, with the goal to train selected individuals who can go to Nigeria and work with the government program there. After that, to develop in other African countries. Pretty exciting news, right?

I told Ikeno-san that I would send this information to you, hoping you will post it on the NM List for the African National Messiahs who might be interested to help their countries by this medical providence and training.

Here's the details:

Contact person: Mr. Ikeno
Program: Happy Health Training Seminar
Location: Las Vegas
Dates: Aug 20 -- Sept 4
Fees: $30/day includes materials, education and meals (14 x 30 = $420)
Purpose: Bring the Happy Heath medical providence to Africa

The participants need to have a keen interest or background in holistic health, or know the Happy Health machine from over the years, and if possible have attended one of the 3-day seminars in the past. If there are questions, please call Mr. Ikeno. 

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