The Words of the Cho Family

Seminars in Angola on Tradition and Family

Jung Soon Cho
July 24, 2011
UPF -- Angola

Luanda, Angola -- The Special Advisor to UPF-Angola, Rev. Jung Soon Cho, his wife Mrs. Eun Pyo Hong, and their daughter Mrs. Yeon Hee Cho arrived in Angola on July 23, spoke at two gatherings, and met with government officials.

A conference on the theme of the value of the family took place that day at the National Institute of Children with 267 people in attendance, including religious, civil society, political and military leaders. Rev. Cho was introduced by Rev. Pedro Kinambuta, Secretary General of UPF-Angola, and spoke about tradition, lineage, and family harmony.

Dr. Prophet Jorge Lino Cambundo Enoque, founder of the Prophetic Church of the Winner in the World, hosted a similar event at his church the following day. He has attended UPF International Leadership Conferences in Korea and the Americas, including the recent conference in Nigeria. The audience of more than 2,000 people, including members of his church and guests, listened attentively to explanations about the importance of the family, and afterwards people in the audience shared their thoughts and experiences.

Also during the visit, Rev. Cho had the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Human Rights in Angola and the Vice Minister of Education in the Cabinda enclave. Among the topics of discussion was the development of a character education initiative. 

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