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Vision 2020 Administrative Policies and Guidelines

Sung Il Cho
August 2013
Vision 2020 Strategy Conference
Senior director of the FFWPU International Headquarters

Because you are leaders, you need to be aware of the changes that have occurred around Foundation Day, so I will review them here. The Unification Church changed to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unity. The World Mission Office became the FFWPU International Headquarters. God is now our Heavenly Parent. We changed the name of the year under the heavenly calendar from Cheon-gi to Cheon Il Guk. For example, from Foundation Day, we were in the first year of Cheon Il Guk. When we bow in ceremonies, we announce that we are doing so to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. In part because of changes of official terms in ceremonies for God and True Parents, changes occurred in the Family Pledge numbers two, tour, six and eight. A new Cheon II Guk National Anthem was created with new lyrics adapted to the tune of "New Song of Inspiration."

Before Foundation Day, at times, special cases would be presented to True Parents and they would directly intercede, usually with financial assistance, through the International Headquarters. They introduced a national messiah system and supported nations with 22,000 Japanese missionaries, many of whom were sources of financial support for the nations they were assigned to.

Since Foundation Day, the restoration of Korea is a primary objective. All the Adam national messiahs have been recalled, at least for the time being, to focus on strengthening our foundation in Korea. Japanese restoration, too, is a primary objective. Japanese missionaries that had been assigned to support mission nations over the years have been recalled to Japan. In line with that thinking process, to place a priority on nations that will most enhance our movement's global prospects, forty- three strategic and providential nations have been selected.

All nations need to eliminate their dependence on financial assistance from Japanese missionaries. Once they establish their financial transparency and can demonstrate results from investments, they can now gain financial support through the International Headquarters.

The Purpose of Project 2020

The purpose of this project is to advance the creation of a world of the culture of heart that brings Cheon Il Guk into substance by building a nationwide foundation upon which we can welcome the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind into Korea, Japan, the United States and forty other nations by 2020. That year is a hundred years since Father's birth, True Mother's seventy-seventh year of life and sixty years since True Parents' Holy Wedding.

Much confusion has arisen over the roles of continental directors, national leaders and Cheon Il Guk special envoys, especially because in some instances continental directors sometimes function as the special envoy to one of the nations in their continent. I would like to clarify these relationships.

Continental directors are to convey True Parents' teachings and instructions and to guide members to inherit the traditions of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. They are to identify and nurture people of talent (potential national leaders) and mentor existing national leaders. They are also to facilitate and coordinate activities between (or jointly carried out by) mission nations.

The mission of a Cheon Il Guk envoy is to be an advisor and consultant to the national leader and mission country for the sake of the substantiation of Cheon Il Guk. They are to secure financing, assist in inter-church international cooperation and in outreach and engage in external relations with figures in the nation's society. Meanwhile, national leaders are to guide and educate their church leaders and members and to lead and oversee witnessing and other outreach efforts. The national leader is the legal representative of FFWPU or HSA-UWC, depending on how we are registered in your nation. National leaders should facilitate and coordinate activities with providential organizations and build a good system for managing church assets.

Reports and Communications

Regular activity reports are to be made to the International Headquarters at least once a month with photographs and descriptions to be conveyed to True Mother. A monthly financial report should also be sent.

Reports can he submitted as requests for financial support for special activities or other purposes. It is important to later transparently report the result secured through this special project funding. Financial support to strategic nations is expected to last for one year. The degree of transparency in your monthly financial reports may be a factor in any possible extension beyond a year.

National leaders and special envoys are to report not only to their continental headquarters but also to the International Headquarters. These reports will be shown directly to True Mother. Hence, it is the best way to direct Mother's prayer and attention to your nation.

Visits to Regions or Nations

If there is a request or need for Dr. Chang Shik Yang to visit a mission nation, the International Headquarters will review the request and prepare accordingly. Rev. Jin Hun Yong can provide lectures on True Parents' life courses, recent developments in providential history, and marital or family therapy. Mr. Sam Nagasaka may take part in Vision 2020 strategy conferences and other projects held in mission nations. I may also visit Vision 2020 strategy conferences held in mission nation to discuss any important issues at hand.

Preparations for Cheon Il Guk Missionaries

Following three months' preparation, 160 Japanese missionaries are attending a forty-day workshop in Chung Pyung that will conclude on September 3. After which, they will go to Japan to obtain visas to the nation each has been assigned to and to make other preparations. Most of them are in their twenties. They will participate in your nation's mission work, but the main purpose of this set of missionaries is to help these young members expand their faith and grow to become future leaders through this experience. Japan is planning to pay the airfare for these missionaries and give them a stipend of $300 a month for activities.

In Korea, a call for voluntary missionaries went out in July. Twenty-five applications have been received and the applicants are being interviewed. Those that are accepted will undergo forty days of training before being dispatched. We expect forty missionaries including some from among Special Task Force (STF) graduates.

Young people from Europe, Asia and other regions may also have the opportunity to be involved in overseas missionary activities through the International Headquarters.

Strategic Versus Providential

Many members do not comprehend the difference between strategic and providential nations. Strategic nations are twenty-three countries (excluding Korea, Japan, and the United States) that are expected to create a substantial foundation by 2020 based on their progress to date or other signs of potential growth. Providential nations are twenty countries selected from advanced nations and nations that played a significant role in True Parents' providence. They are expected to create an environment that facilitates and serves as a base for the strategic nations in fulfilling their mission. These nations are also expected to develop and expand their substantial foundations, which can be utilized in restoring the world to God's ideal.

Available Resources

Rev. Jung Soon Cho is president of Peace World Medical in Korea. He and Rev. Dong Ho Cho are international itinerant workers. Rev. Jung Soon Cho has visited Africa, Oceania and Taiwan already.

Exchange and cooperation with the Korean Headquarters' Family Department, Witnessing Department or Second Generation Department or with the Japanese Headquarters' Family Department and Witnessing Department are other means of gaining support in developing strategies or dealing with situations in your nation.

UPF, WFWP, YFWP, CARP, Sun Moon University, the Universal Peace Academy, the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, Peace-TV, Ilhwa, the Segye Times, are other resources in Korea (sometimes with branches elsewhere) that you can call upon in your efforts to restore your nations or expand your existing foundations. The Segye Times, for example, has been supportive to the mission in Nepal.

Diplomatic Relations Between Nations

Cultural exchange associations between Korea, Japan and the strategic and providential nations can be built and utilized.

For example, African Continental Director Otsuka made an organization in Japan to encourage cooperation between his home nation and African countries. Some interchange has already been set in motion between Japan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mali.

Parliamentary alliances between parliament members of Korea and Nepal played a central role in invigorating exchange and cooperation between the two nations.

Embassy Liaison to Prepare for World Summit 2015

Korea is seeking to improve relations with embassies of strategic and providential nations situated in Korea and Japan. Courtesy calls and regular visits are taking place to expand this foundation. With this in mind, the Nepalese national leader has visited the Embassy of Nepal in Korea.

Recent Developments Led By True Mother

After consulting with Father in prayer, Mother initiated the publication and distribution of Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyeonghwa Gyeong and True Parents' Scriptures (the last is a tentative title). The draft of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution has taken shape under her guidance as well. She has focused much of her attention on rejuvenating the second and third generations. 

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