The Words of the Choi Family

Testimony to Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Leslie Cook
January 18, 2006

Dear Rev. Jenkins,

As a state leader in Georgia, in 1974, we had the honor of having Mrs. Won Pok Choi staying at our center with the True Parents.

At that time, Father invited all the state leaders who had come for the Day of Hope event in Atlanta, to ask any question. Miss Helen Lee and I sat at the table unable to think of a single thing to ask Father, but immediately after Father left the table for his room, we looked at each other, thinking of the opportunity we lost and ran up to Mrs. Choi's room (which was right next to Father's), to ask if we might please ask a question after all.

Mrs. Choi was so sweet, inviting us into her room, and explaining that Father had already begun his prayer and meditation so we couldn't disturb him now, but to please come in, and she would answer any question to the best of her abilities.

Miss Lee began, asking about the situation of then new members in her state, the Sapp family. She explained a bit about them, and Mrs. Choi thought then said, "You know, we can never ask Father about that. We have to solve this ourselves. Father is so sensitive , that if we ask about this kind of personal situation, Father will worry and worry. He can never forget people."

Mrs. Choi then went on to describe Father, even then, praying for people around the world, people he had never met as though each were his very own child, and he had complete responsibility for them. She tried to express how although we may doubt True Parents, they, on the other hand, never doubt God, and can never stop feeling His heart toward each and every person. As she continued, with Father praying just one door beyond us, Miss Lee and I began to cry. We had a taste of Fathers heart through her, which was her true secret to being a great translator. We cried for over one hour, and left Mrs. Choi with the deepest gratitude for answering a question that we didn't know we needed to know.

I just wish to at this time, express this gratitude to her.


Leslie Cook

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