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World Seonghwa Ceremony for Mrs. Choi Won-bok - The Mother of Faith, Love and Devotion

January 19, 2006
Little Angels Performing Arts Center & Wonjeon
FFWPU International

Around 2000 people, including leaders of organization of the movement, continental directors, national messiahs, representatives from each continent, blessed families and student of the Little Angels Performing Arts School, gathered at the Little Angels Performing Art center for the world seonghwa ceremony for Mrs. Choi Won-bok. She was born in May 4, 1916, joined the movement in 1954. After that she offered her life for 52 years to support True Parents in all their providential work through out the world, and restored the Eve position in the Cain side of the world.

True Parents arrived in Korea in the early morning of January 19, and went to the hospital around 2:00 a.m and prayed for Mrs. Choi and opened her way in to the spirit world. On January 15 after hearing the news about Mrs. Choi's ascension, True Parents wrote in a calligraphy for her: "Shin Ae Choongmo" [Mother of Faith, Love and Devotion] and blessed her with a life of absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience.

The seonghwa ceremony began at the Little Angels at 8:00 a.m. with Rev. Song Yong-seok as the master of the ceremonies, as he gave the opening remarks. He then guided all the participant in a holy song which was followed by a prayer from Rev. Yu Dae-haeng of the FFWPU Japan. After offering the flowers by Dr. Seok and his wife on the stage, Professor Moon Lan-yong of the WFWP international, gave a brief report on Mrs. Choi's life and accomplishments.

Following that, a video presentation brought memories of Mrs. Choi back to all the participants, the way she talked, the way she smiled, and the way she had offered her life.

Dr. Kwak Chung-hwan, the chairman of the IIFWP International and the president of the FFWPU International, gave the seonghwa address, which was followed by the laudatory address by Dr. Hwang Son-jo of the FFWPU Korea, Rev. Yang Chang-shik of the FFWPU North America, and Mrs. Kang Hyun-shil as the world representative.

A student group of the Seonhwa Arts School offered a holy song with very beautiful voices, which moved everyone. After that there was an offering of flowers from all the world representatives, which began with Rev. Kwak and Rev. Hwang and continued with representatives of the leaders of the organizations of the movement, continental directors and representatives of the national messiah, local representatives of each continent, and later all others, who participated in the ceremony.

The ceremony at the Little Angel Performing Arts Center ended around 10:30. The seonghwa ceremony at the Wonjeon began around 12:00 with Kim Young-jun of the Blessed Family Department as the master of the ceremonies. After the opening remarks and the holy song, Rev. Kim Chang-kyun offered a prayer. Rev. Hwang Sun-jo of the FFWPU Korea, gave a speech pointing out the accomplishment that Mrs. Choi had throughout her life of faith. This was followed by the offering of the flowers by Mrs. Choi's family members. After that international leaders and representatives offered flower.

During the last minutes of the ceremony True Parents called asking about the program. And as Rev. Kwak gave a report, True Father thanked everyone who participated in the ceremony for their heart and devotion in accomplishing this ceremony, specially Mrs. Choi's family members.

A Brief History of Mrs. Choi Won-bok

1916 May 4: (lunar calendar) Born as the only daughter of Mr. Choi Ki-hong and Mrs. Yu Hwa-sook in Kaeseong,Kyunggi Province.

1923 - 1929: Kaeseong Girls Public General School

1929 1933: Kaeseong Hosudon Girls High School

1929 Participated in Kwang-ju student movement, went to prison for 40 days because of planning Kaeseong student's independent movement

1933 1937: Seoul Ehwa Women's University English Department

1937 1949: Ehwa Women's University Graduate School, instructor, lecturer and work as vice professor and went to the United States as exchange professor invited by American general affair bureau.

1938 Married when she was in graduate school and had 3 sons Seuk Mo-jing, Seuk Joon-ho, Seuk Il-jing.

1950 1952: America, University Michigan Graduate School English Philology,

1953 1955: Ehwa Women's University professor and director of students

1954 Join in HSA-UWC

1956 - 1958: Seoul women's medical school (Now Useok University) lecturer. during the break, she went witnessing abroad

1965 - Attending True Parents she went on the First, Second, Third World speaking tour. She went on in speaking tour to 40 nations four times

1972 - 1977: Responsible for World Mission Department in American HQ and doing education, counseling

1977 - 1987: Sunhwa Arts Middle High School principal

1988 -2006: Sunhwa Arts Middle High School honorary principal and Sunhwa School Foundation director, Foreign student in Korea education center (World international blessed family's children education center) principal

1991 1992: The first president of the Asian Peace Women's Federation

1992 1994: The first president of WFWP

1994 1999: Sunhak scholarship foundation first chief director

1994 - 2006: WFWP honorary president

1998 June 13: Blessed with Buddha spiritually in Madison square garden in New York.

2006 Jan 15: Ascended to the spirit world in her house in Ilsan at 2:35 p.m. at the age 91.

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