The Words of the Choi Family

True Parents Return to Korea From Their World Trip

Won Pok Choi
May 1969
New Age Frontiers June 1969

Dear members of the Unified Family all over the world:

First of all, thanks to our Heavenly Father that our Parents and their party are safely back home in everybody’s homeland. Heartfelt greetings to all of you from your Far-East home! Far physically as we may be from one another, distance means nothing -- especially when we so miss one another that we always live together in spirit.

Since we visited you this time, you have been constantly and most vividly a part of our life. Every fragment of our memory in which you participated has been repeatedly told to the whole of the Unified Family in Korea through several gatherings. You are introduced to the very heart of the members in Korea; and all of you are remembered in our ardent prayers.

We believe that news has already been shared among you of what took place during our visit in those countries where we have the Unified Family. The names, “the United States, “Portugal,” “Spain, “Eng1and,” “Germany,” “Holland,” “France,” “Switzerland, “Austria,” and “Italy” are so dear to us because there we have the members with whom we enjoyed the memorable days together.

But other countries are just a list of names and empty number included in our schedule to cover the twenty-one countries. In those countries we have no sweet memories -- only embarkations and disembarkations of the planes, writing of forms and going through the formalities in and out at the customs, sending and drawing of the baggage, money exchanges in the banks, packings and unpackings at the hotels. And just one day sightseeing in every country that we visited so confused us as to which is which and what is what. One most important thing we did in each country was, of course, to locate the Holy Ground and pray there for the country,

However, in Jerusalem we forgot all about our fatigue and had a forced march of two days sightseeing, including Mother, who was in such a delicate condition. There, we did not only see things with our eyes but also with our hearts, praying and weeping so many times at so many places. We felt it was not the professional guide that showed us around but Jesus himself in spirit.

On Gethsemane, Calvary, and in the Holy Sepulcher, we found that our Master was so solemnly quiet and grave looking. We knew that he was talking in meditation with his sad predecessor, On the Mount of Olives we found our Holy Ground, which was an out-of-the-way place, and prayed in choking tearfulness.

After the two days of violent spiritual and physical strain, Mother was found to be completely exhausted and helpless. Everybody then, in utter ignorance, began to worry about there being another manger of Bethlehem (you understand!) But Father seemed to contemplate the blessing of the Japanese boys and girls which might possibly be postponed in case of Mother's being forced to leave for Korea earlier than planned.

When we arrived in Iran, Mother had even to quit: the sightseeing, So we finally agreed to leave straight for Japan. skipping the rest of the countries on the schedule, for which we offered a special prayer. However, our plane stopped by all those countries on its way to Japan, and we had plenty of time in each place to leave the plane and pray for that country on her own soil. So we visited every country on our schedule except China; but, in going into Israel we stopped in Cyprus, which we found was a small nation with her own government under a president. How grateful we were to our Heavenly Father, who had so worked for us to cover the twenty-one countries, which is the number of divine significance.

In Japan, the members were overjoyed to see us safely back. To our surprise, there was a great event awaiting our Master. One of the political leaders of Japan was going to meet a Korean top scholar and ex-politician; and as soon as the news of our Master's arrival in Japan was brought to them, they invited him to the meeting the following day. Our Heavenly Father also arranged this meeting by bringing us to Japan ahead of schedule. Crops were great out of the meeting, you will see. Our Parents blessed twelve young couples and ten married couples in Japan within less than a week's time. You will no doubt be seeing pictures of this beautiful occasion.

After we returned to Korea, we had meetings and meetings, and meetings, where reports were made on what happened in Korea and in other countries during those three historical months.

In our absence, all the members in Korea had the evangelistic campaign, witnessing to the Word in redoubled effort and zeal so that they might be able to show us some fruit of their toil, (The total of 817 new memberships was gained.). So many new faces stared and gazed at our Master with bright and expectant eyes as he talked before the congregation. Among them was a most extraordinary figure, of whom you will read in the newspaper to be sent to you by separate mail,

Father said that our trip would terminate only after we had visited the families in the local provinces. I was going to write you after this trip because I was supposed to accompany him, However, Mother is expecting a baby at any moment and I remain with her in Seoul So I write this letter now, as Master wanted me to when he left Seoul on the trip (May 12-20).

We are extremely sorry for the members of the countries which we could not visit this time for some reason or other, and we most fervently wish that they too might share this news!

Our best regards go to everyone of you. President Eu and all the members in Korea join in sending love to you all

In the name of our True Parents, Sincerely yours, Won Pok Choi


We are happy to learn that at 8:33 p. m, on May 25, 1969, a new son was born to our True Parents. His name is Hyun Jin, which means "marching forward manifesting.” 

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