The Words of the Choi Family

World Unification

Sang Ik Choi
February 1971
Founder of the International Re-Education Foundation

Today everyone desires a unification of the whole world, even though there is much separation and reaction. Right after the World Wars, first the League to Nations and then the United Nations were established for the sake of unifying the world. But we have spent thousands of years of human history and still we have not achieved unity. Thus, we have never been happy, and millions of lives have been lost in conflicts and wars. Can we somehow unify the whole world, and end these tragic conflicts and wars?

Many leaders in various countries say we fight because we lack respect, love, and understanding of one another. This is very reasonable, but it is not sufficiently deep to end this fighting. Everyone prefers to love rather than hate, to respect others rather than to react, to be positive rather than be negative. But then why do we react and fight?

The leaders in the UN are all originally good people who smile and shake hands without any trouble. This is true human nature. But as soon as they discuss anything, they manifest their own national interests and the result is fighting and reaction on an international scale. Different concepts of international righteousness arise from conflicts of national benefit.

A major illustration is the reaction of communism and free-world capitalism to one another. Some say they can peacefully coexist. However, they are like water and oil: they constitute an irreconcilable conflict base.

Communists think the richest 2-5% who are capitalists greedily exploit the other 95-98% of the people who remain really miserably poor (materially). 95% of the people can never he happy, being so poor. Thus, capitalism is seen to be so terribly evil as to be unlovable, and they say to fight it out.

On the other hand, capitalists say communists take human rights away, as if human desires for freedom count for nothing. Such a life, no matter how much bread or luxuries we have, is no better than that of animals in the zoo. If our life can be no better than that, we might as well die. Communism is therefore, hopelessly, unlovably evil, and capitalists say they must fight it out.

Now, how can capitalists and communists feel this way toward each other? Communists think communism is right for the whole world and capitalists think capitalism is right for the whole world. So they fight and both believe they are right by their own standards.

To unify this world, an international standard of righteousness is necessary. Catholics and Protestants fight in Ireland without either disturbing their consciences because they judge y their own group standards. Soldiers in war after some military training go to battle courageously and fight ferociously all the while believing their side is the righteous side. Even when Hitler killed millions of Jews he believed Nazism was good for the whole world and Judaism and other "isms" were good for nothing.

But the application of universal standards can end fighting. If Catholics and Protestants adopted an all-Christian standard or a universal standard, their fighting would cease. If students, professors and administrators turned their attention to the sake of everyone in their college as a whole, they would no longer fight. When different nations think in nationalistic terms, international conflict results. Such conflict would cease if every nation thought and acted in terms of the international benefit.

What do we need to end these conflicts around the world? First, we need a unified world government in which national boundaries become like the State boundaries in America today. With so many varieties of people in the world, this may sound impossible to bring about. However, America has many types of people and has its Federal government and State lines.

Under such a world government we can become international citizens who no longer have to get passports to travel internationally. In the same way you need no special card to go, from California to another State. We can become divine brothers and sisters of different races and religions but all under one- God. We all have the same red blood, and all desire love, beauty and a true life. To actualize universal unity, we must unify on both the individual and collective scales,

We must also have a free common market, so that everyone can share in the material wealth. In San Francisco, restaurants and print shops are very competitive businesses. San Francisco attracts much commerce and tourists. There is a basic need for these things, so this is natural. If we bring about a world-wide free market, then the steel industry can move to underdeveloped countries where today it does not exist but is nevertheless needed from the viewpoint of the whole benefit. When this is done, then an economic balance of true supply and true demand of goods and services in general will be achieved around the world.

To unify the world, we also need one universal language_ Even if two people of different nations and languages love each other, they cannot share much of anything because they have no common language with which to communicate to each other. Such a couple can never be truly happy". Today, why do we need so many languages? Surely one language is sufficient for the whole world. Someday we will have one universal language.

We also need one set of international laws to be the supreme law of the world and of higher priority than any national laws. Today in the American Constitution the Federal law is the supreme law of the land, above any state of local laws. This is why America has been (Until today) well unified.

Finally, we must have international ethics and morals derived from conscientious common sense. Today's ethics are partially good, but not totally so because of prejudices, provincial thinking and behavior. Small-scale thinking is especially prevalent, for example, in rural areas with strong traditions.

International righteousness is contribution to the common welfare and ideology by leaders who contribute for the international sake or value under the King of kings. Anything contrary to this purpose is evil. Under the King of kings or president of presidents, everyone will eventually become divine brothers and sisters. Then everyone can respect each other, such that there will never be any fighting or wars again. 

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