The Words of the Choi Family

Sixth Divine Principle Seminar for Professors

Chang Gyu Choi
March 1, 1972

On February 29th through March 1st, K-CARP (Korean Collegiate Association for Research of Principles) sponsored the Sixth Divine Principle Seminar for 59 professors at the Christian Academy House. The topic was the Divine Principles studied in the context of Korean historical development. Professor of Political Science Chang Gyu Choi of Seoul National University gave the following presentation:

The present situation expanding powers is not really adequate to supply all the energy needed for true historical development. Our present transition to pluralism by material development alone, under the sole direction of science, can not lead to true modernization. We urgently need a kind of energy which is in harmony and balance. If this new spiritual force would be created, it would be forceful enough to lead the world. We can expect this force to be present in Korea.

I'd like to refer to two Western concepts of history: those of Hegel and Toynbee. Hegel rationalized materialism, and in so doing created a contradiction. To overcome this, Toynbee emphasized the cultural values in historical development. But the history of Christianity has resulted in trends towards materialism.

The Unification Principle has bridged the gulf between the workings of history and the human will. It also shows the close relationship between God and Man. Therefore I think that this Principle can resolve the contradictions of other views. In that sense it surpasses boundaries and is more progressive than previous conceptions. 

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