The Words of the Choi Family

IFVC Rallies In Korea

Yong Suk Choi
February 2, 1981

Mr. Yong Suk Choi, head of IFVC [International Federation for Victory over Communism] in Korea, gave a report on his activities at the close of Sunday service at Belvedere, February 2, 1981. Excerpts:

During the time I have been following True Parents, I have heard numerous messages from Father. But to hear this morning's message, my trip is fulfilled.

This morning a great realization came to me: unless we have life-power from the True Parents, we cannot accomplish anything at all. Also, I came to realize again that without the power of love, there is no way we can conquer the Satanic world out there. Also, unless we perceive the same ideal that God and True Parents perceive, we cannot build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

I am no different from you in mission. My job is to proclaim True Father's message so we can raise the dead people of the world.

Until 1968 I had been doing many kinds of missions in the church: witnessing, bureau director, etc. In 1968 a new mandate was issued by True Father -- to teach not only the Divine Principle but also VOC [Victory Over Communism]. Then a new movement of VOC began.

We have created two very wonderful training centers. There we have educated virtually hundreds of thousands of people in these last 13 years. All kinds of leaders are coming -- government, military, police, professors, university students. Even Christian leaders have come and been ignited by this new ideology of "Moon-ism" or "Unificationism."

In all, 130,000 people listened to this message in 1980 alone. We have traveled to every corner of the peninsula to give lectures. Following Father's course of speaking to large crowds of people, I addressed 100,000 people in one lecture in a Pusan auditorium.

Last year rallies were held in all counties of Korea, without exception. In three months we finished county-level rallies. Then at the beginning of this year Father ordered us to hold rallies in all the precincts of Korea -- in one month's time! There are 1414 precincts. We have now completed 90 percent of this campaign. To do this we mobilized 200 lecturers and divided up the 1414 precincts. No organization in our country has been known to hold so many rallies at one time. It is almost like popcorn popping all over! If it can be done in Korea, it can be done everywhere.

One year ago I came to East Garden to report. Then Father gave me the following message:

"If you want to be faithful and loyal for a thousand years in the spirit world, that is all right. But one day's loyalty here is worth more than a thousand years in spirit world."

Korean members are repenting for not having been more faithful and loyal when Father was in Korea.

Twenty-six years ago when I first joined, Father gave us very tough training. Father would take us to the mountains to hunt. Sometimes we shared a blanket at night -- he and I. Other times we would share a bowl at mealtime; we had two spoons, one for him and one for me, and we ate out of the same dish. I never forgot this.

Father said,

"Now I can treat you without any formality, eating and sleeping together with you. This is the most fortunate time."

I feel that those days will never return. These are the most unique and precious memories.

You sit here on the floor and listen to Father. You can see him face to face. If you are on the front row, maybe Father hits you. Ten, 20 or even 50 years from now you will look back on this time as the most blessed and unique period.

Father will not stay here all the time. One hundred and fifty nations around the world are seeking these same privileges. I want you to come to realize you are in the prime of your life -- when you can be loyal, faithful and obedient, receiving Father's instructions directly and carrying them out.

Father knows your hard work, but he will not praise you yet. Rather, he pushes you out. What a pleasure and joy you have! This is your opportunity and the opportunity of America to bring glory and victory to the True Parents. The time will never come again. 

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