The Words of the Choi Family

The New Dispensation 1983-85

Yong Suk Choi
May 1983

Lately Father has been saying that we are at the end of Moses' course. In a recent leaders' meeting, Father emphasized that the 40-year period between 1945 and 1985 is like Moses' 40-year course in the wilderness. This is now 1983, so the forthcoming three-year period is the very last chapter of this 40-year period. Thus, this is an extremely important time.

So far, like the Israelites, we have been going through the wilderness, centered upon our leaders. The time is now coming to enter the land of Canaan.

As we approach Canaan, seven different nations, like the nations which opposed the children of Israel, are waiting for us. Therefore, during these last three years, we have to complete our preparations for entering Canaan. Father says that unless we increase our membership in America to 60,000, success will be almost impossible. The number 60,000 signifies the 600,000 Israelites at the time of Moses who were moving towards Canaan.

The Korean itinerant workers who had been travelling throughout the world and guiding members have been mobilized for this task; they were all major leaders from Korea, people who have spent 20 or 30 years with Father.

The Canaanites are waiting on the worldwide level. By the means of God's true love, we will win the hearts of the people.

Heavenly timetable

We have to know the timetable of heaven. One night, while we are fast asleep in bed, Father might come suddenly and say, "Wake up, get up, let's go together." Because Father knows that heavenly schedule, he asks us to do certain things within two or three years. Just as the Israelites had to completely unite with Moses, we should also completely unite with our Father and wake up America. We should concentrate not just on raising 60,000 members, but on reviving the whole country.

When the Israelites were about to leave the land of Egypt, they warned their neighbors and marked their doorposts with the blood of a lamb. In the same way, we should visit every home in America and tell everyone we are going to leave for Canaan. Of course street witnessing is also very important, but at the same time, we must do house-to-house witnessing, proclaiming that we are headed for the final restoration of mankind.

When the Israelites had to leave Egypt, there must have been a few who were resting in bed and some who were newlyweds; yet they all had to leave, forgetting about their everyday life.

At the start of this new dispensation, some of you also may have just begun married life, and now you have to leave. Imagine how much agony Father must feel in his heart on this occasion; yet we have to go this way because of the timetable.

Organization of 12 tribes

A few days ago, the Korean regional leaders met with Father at East Garden. At that time he spoke about some very important points which I would like to share with you now. The first concerns the importance of our dispensation on God's time schedule.

This is the final battle in the wilderness era. Most of the 36 blessed couples participating here are over 50 years of age; yet they are ready to go until their death, if necessary. Think of this as the culmination of your devotion to God.

The 12 tribes of Israel were settled after they entered Canaan. Following the victory in the coming rally, at least some nation somewhere on earth will completely welcome Father. Then the blessed couples will be blessed on the national level and, after being organized, they will settle down again.

One day recently, Col. Pak and Rev. Kwak and others came to Father, bringing lists of members whom they needed for missions at the newspapers, CAUSA, headquarters, etc., Father told them, "If these members don't go out at this time, when the 12 tribes are organized after the Moscow rally and these people weren't mobilized for the special witnessing, can you take responsibility if they are excluded from the 12 tribes? I cannot take responsibility for this; can you?"

Father was so serious.

But later Father joked about this point, saying that if the members don't go now, later they will have to indemnify it, by going through a suffering course, in order to be included in the organization of the 12 tribes. Perhaps they could join the construction team for the special highway project and spend their time digging the tunnel under the sea! But actually, Father has been deeply serious about the importance of this mobilization.

Department IOWC's

At the airport as Father left for Korea, he specifically told me to convey this special message throughout the country and take responsibility for the whole mobilization in America. Father said that those who for some important reason cannot be mobilized now should organize within their department, around a central figure, and form a "newspaper IOWC," a "Kamiyama IOWC," etc., and witness after their business day is over. One person can be the lecturer while the others witness, from 6:00 p.m. until midnight.

Witness first about Father

Until now, we have usually introduced Father's life only after finishing the entire set of Principle lectures. From now on, we can introduce our Father first, and follow up with lecture presentation.

Wherever you go, begin by introducing Rev. Moon to the people you meet. You can begin by asking, "Do you know Rev. Moon?" And most people will say yes, because from the news media, especially television, they have gotten a bad impression of him. Take such an occasion to speak out about Father.

In the Bible Jesus once asked Peter who he believed him to be. "You are the Christ, the son of the living God," Peter replied. But in other places, Jesus clearly instructs his disciples not to tell anyone that he is the messiah. Jesus said this because the time was still premature.

But our situation is different. The state leader in Washington, D.C., Tom McDevitt, organized a seminar for prominent leaders at a hotel. Most of the guests were somewhat against our Father, yet when one guest opened up the topic about Father's role very directly, Tom then explained why he believes Rev. Moon to be the messiah.

Initially the guests seemed a bit embarrassed by such a clear statement of conviction. "This is a land of religious liberty," Tom reminded them; "and I really believe in him." He clearly explained the reason for his belief, and the guests were impressed.

We have to clearly mention the name of Rev. Moon. No one in this nation is ignorant of his name; even the communists in Moscow know his name. You can tell your guests, "So far you have learned about Rev. Moon only through the media, but now it's our turn; listen to our explanation."

From now on, under the banner of Rev. Moon's name, we should go forward and more clearly explain Father's life and message.

Three aspects of Rev. Moon

Father explained that just as everyone has three main parts to his body, so there are three major aspects of him: head (his ideals), body (his activities), and legs (his future direction). We can use this as a format for explaining about Father.

Head / Ideals

His head corresponds to the ideal of Principle, so we explain about Unificationism.

So many times over the years, my guests asked me the same question, "Do you believe Rev. Moon is the messiah?"

I always told them yes. Hundreds of times over these 30 years, I have said so. "If you can do more than Rev. Moon, I will follow you. God is working through him, this is why I believe in him " Then I always added, "But you can also be the messiah." I explain to them what a messiah is: "If you try to serve your village or city or school, you will be the messiah on that level. And if you are the governor of the state and try to serve the state, you will become the messiah of the state."

On this foundation, I talk more about Father: "Rev. Moon has served the entire world, and that is why Rev. Moon is the messiah of the entire world. This is the reason why I believe in Rev. Moon as messiah on the worldwide level. You may not believe him to be the worldwide messiah just now, but wait and see."

Body / activities

In witnessing, you can talk about the various conferences and describe the any kinds of things Father has done on the worldwide level. Very often in Korea, I gave this explanation to Christian ministers:

"Christianity took 2000 years to establish a firm foundation on the worldwide level. Until that day came, how many thousands, even millions, of people died or were martyred! Yet Rev. Moon has sent missionaries to 127 countries within his lifetime. So if we reflect on this, we cannot help but think that Rev. Moon is the champion over Christianity. Unless you as a Christian and your work as a Christian minister exceeds that of Rev. Moon, then you can never criticize him."

"God needs Rev. Moon more than He needs you," I tell them in conclusion.

You can also talk about the Unification Church holy weddings: "Rev. Moon has accomplished such a great thing by bringing together people of various religious and national backgrounds. Thousands of young people are rejoicing through this kind of blessing. People from enemy nations can get along together because of him, and they can even many and create a happy family."

"This is God's work; could you accomplish this?" I ask such ministers. "If you cannot, then you dare not criticize Rev. Moon. He is attempting to establish one unified family on this earth, transcending all racial and national barriers. The only way to unite the world is by blessing people centering on God's love." Originally only one God-centered, unified family should have existed in this world. This unity doesn't come about by external weapons or political power, but only through true love. The "movement of true love" is the movement of the blessed couples.

Thus we can demonstrate to people what our Father is doing to bring about a peaceful world.

Legs / future direction

Finally, you have to explain where Rev. Moon is headed -- his future direction. Nothing is more wonderful than his goal: to establish one world based on ideal families.

The whole world should be one united family centering upon God, centering upon True Parents, with all human beings loving and caring for one another as true brothers and sisters.

Economic problems will never be solved except through God. Unless you restore family-type relationships among all types of human beings, you can never solve economic problems.

Furthermore, unless you really understand the purpose of creation, you can never solve the world's problems. All things belong to God, because He created them. Only the Creator can truly be lord over what is created; we as God's sons and daughters merely supervise all things of creation, under the guidance of God.

If you go into details on these three points, it will probably take you a whole day. The next day, you can explain about the spirit world. You can choose other topics for other days.

Sometimes, after 10, 20 or 40 years of walking the path of restoration, we may become tired. There are two secrets by which we can overcome this exhaustion: first knowing the existence of the spirit world, and second knowing that Father is the messiah. If we know these two things, we realize we have to go this way, even at the cost of our lives.

No matter how hard you work, you will never be able to surpass Father. There is no greater man than Rev. Moon. 

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