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Lovin' Life Spring 2011 Project Connect Small Groups

Andrew Compton
April 12, 2011


LLM has great opportunities to connect this Spring!

Here are some small groups that have started this Project Connect Quarter. They are 10 weeks long and are opportunities to connect based on either Growth or Affinity. A growth group is typically designed around a curriculum so that you can learn something new in a group. An affinity group is an interest-based group and is more focused on building relationships around doing something as a group!

We encourage you to find a group that interests you and sign up at the link below!


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Studying Father's Words in Korean (Growth Group)

Host: Robert Schairer

Weekly on Tuesdays, 7am -- 8am @ the Schairer Residence in Rockland County

Purpose: The purpose of this group is to study Father's words in the original language of Korean. Each week we study the grammar, vocabulary and Chinese Characters contained in the passage we read. In addition, we listen to the recording of a native speaker in order to develop our ability to listen to and pronounce the words correctly. Our goal is to develop the ability to read and understand Father's words in Korean.

New Hope Farms Outdoors Retreats (Affinity Group)

Host: Lesa Ellenson

Saturday and some Sundays at New Hope Farms by reservation.

Purpose: Equestrian training and riding; therapeutic riding; archery; shooting safety and marksmanship; hunting and fishing (NYS license required). The goal of this group is to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors, and to promote self-empowerment. Although the entire family is most welcome, we especially encourage women and girls to participate.

Money Wise (Growth Group)

Host: Phillip Soaivan

Sunday or Saturday, morning or early afternoon, 2 hours at the Learning Center or Clifton Church, New Jersey.

Purpose: Financial Peace University is a 3rd party program designed for Small Groups. Personal Finance is 80% behavior and only 20% knowledge. Therefore, the goal to successful finance isn't just information -- it's transformation! The goal of this small group is to reach a higher degree of financial literacy by completing specific weekly tasks related to household budget planning, tithing, saving/investing, or debt control and elimination, (among other areas of financial concern). All meetings will be presented in a very structured, empowering, and easily duplicable format for small group facilitators.

Ballroom Dance (Affinity Group)

Host: Hirofumi Sakamoto

Tuesday at 7:30 pm for 1.5 @ Clifton Church Fellowship Hall, New Jersey.

Purpose: The purpose of this dance class is to experience joy and happiness, practice mutual respect between men and women, cultivate healthy relationships, and Inherit the True Love of God through learning Ballroom Dance steps.

Holy Scripture Study (Affinity Group)

Host: John Kung

Sun. or Thurs. at 1:30 pm for 2 hrs @ The Learning Center (contact host to confirm)

Purpose: We will be studying the Holy Scripture, which includes but is not limited to: Rev. Moon's Eight Holy Books Bible, Confucius' Analects, Young Oon Kim's World Religions, New Age Scriptures such as Mormons and Unitarian/Universalist materials. The goals are: to educate people, to be ready for Cheong Il Geuk, to be prepared to go to heaven without regret, and to inspire members and guests alike in the awesome time and opportunity we have to develop our greatness!

Starting Point (Growth Group for new members)

Host: Luna Tomy

Tuesday, 7 pm -- 9 pm @ the 5th floor of the Learning Center.

Purpose: Tyler Hendricks will be presenting the 100 and 200 series developed by the education department to new members. The goals of this small group are: 1) to educate new members through weekly presentations about growing a connection with God and people, 2) to provide a support system as new members begin a spiritual practice and to provide a place to share victories and struggles along that path.

Women of Beauty (Affinity Group)

Host: Dawn Haider

Friday evenings 7 pm -- 8 pm (contact host to confirm)

Purpose: Women have a unique mission in today's world. The goal of this project connect group is to empower women within our movement to become women of beauty, embodying the ideal of true femininity that God intended. By gathering, enjoying food and talk, and meditating about various topics relating to how to become true women of beauty, this project connect group will help women to inspire and be inspired, to care and to be cared for, and to create fun and to have fun! Women of all ages are invited to participate. See you there!

Manhattan Lion's Small Group (Affinity Group)

Host: Edward Busque

Sunday at 1 pm for 2 hours @ the Learning Center (contact host to confirm)

Purpose: The purpose of the Manhattan Lion's Small Group is to provide capacity training on how to organize meaningful community service projects in cooperation with Lions Club International.

The goals of our group are to: 1) Implement One Community Service Project, 2) Empower volunteers to serve the communities of Manhattan, New York and 3) Conduct a Capacity Training Program. This group is for ages 25 and up.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Affinity Group for "20-somethings")

Host: Heather Thalheimer

Once a week on Monday from 7 pm -- 9 pm @ the Learning Center

Purpose: "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" This group study for people who are "20 something" will introduce you to a life with God that goes beyond the tip of the iceberg! Topics include: knowing yourself so you can know God; going back so you can go forward; journey through the wall; enlarging your soul through grief and loss and a ton more so you can ramp up your spiritual life and build a life you love! This practical take on growing spiritually is just what you need to jump into Spring.

The goal of this group is to assist people in creating a balanced and healthy spirituality so they can find God in a personal and meaningful way. This small group study will take the Divine Principle off the shelf and make it relevant to everyday life.

NJ GO Volleyball Club (Affinity Group)

Host: Kuninobu Miyazawa

Weekly on Saturdays from 1:00 pm -- 2:30 pm at different parks in Clifton, NJ.

Purpose: We will be playing volleyball and practicing volleyball drills. The goal of this group is to have fun while sharing each other's knowledge of volleyball to improve our volleyball skills.

Music Education (Growth Group)

Host: Eamon Pickard

Saturday at 1 pm for 1-2 hours at the Lovin' Life Learning Center or Belvedere.

Purpose: There are no requirements to join this group. Knowing or not knowing music theory or how to play an instrument won't be any advantage or disadvantage. We will learn everything from reading music, singing by numbers and Sol-fetch, understanding chord progressions, and even some musical history. This small group will be somewhat of a fast paced group. Since we will be starting from the beginning of music theory we must move moderately fast. It will be important to attend most if not all the classes because it is a growth group. The age range is for anyone 16-35 and the limit is 25 people so sign up fast! The goal of this group is to progress to a point of knowledge of music theory that on your own you could compose music.

Divine Principle Study (Growth Group)

Host: Andrew Compton

Mondays from 7 pm -- 8:30 pm @ the Learning Center (contact host to confirm)

Purpose: Divine Principle Study Chapter 1, We will study 10 key principles from Chapter 1 and how they can be practically applied to our lives. The goal of this group is to transform our lives through the lessons of the Divine Principle.

Knitting and Crocheting for Charity (Affinity Group)

Host: Irmgard Baynes

Monday 7 pm-9 pm at a group member's home.

Purpose: The goals of this group are to have fun knitting or crocheting together, exchanging patterns, improving knitting and crocheting skills, and deepening our friendships through learning from each other.

Seven (Affinity Group)

Host: Tossa Cromwell

Monday 5:30 pm-7:00 pm at the Brown Room of the Lovin' Life Learning Center.

Purpose: The purpose of this small group is to re-visit and re-connect to Rev. In Jin Moon's Sunday Sermon. We will watch the sermon and share creative connections we made between our Senior Pastor's guidance and current events.

The goals of this small group are: 1) to digest more fully the words that our Senior Pastor shares with us every Sunday and 2) to apply the Sunday message to our daily lives.

Go Fish (Affinity Group)

Host: Terry McMahon

3 hours on Saturday mornings and 1 hour on Sundays after Service in the New York lower bay.

Purpose: Spring is here! Let's go fishing! The goal of this group is to catch fish!

True Parents' Life Course (Growth Group)

Host: Moonshik Kim

Saturdays at from 2 pm -- 3:30 pm at a group member's home or other location.

Purpose: We will study True Parents' Life Course. This group is for those who wish to pursue spiritual growth and renewal through studying True Parents' Life Course and understanding True Parents' Messiahship. We want to clearly know what kind of people True Parents are -- what kind of victories they have had, what kind of absolute faith we should have in True Parents in this age, the value of the Blessing given by True Parents, why we need to proclaim True Parents as the Savior of Humanity, testify to others, and bring True Parents' Blessing to others. We also want to create spiritual companionship to support each person's spiritual journey.

Lovin' Life Sunday Service Prayer Support (Affinity Group)

Host: Rebecca Rosado

Sunday from 8:45am-9:45am before Sunday Service

Purpose: Are you finding it hard to figure out what you can actually do to contribute to Lovin' Life Ministries? Maybe you don't have a specific talent for music or special technical skills, or maybe you live too far way to make it to 43rd Street during the week, but you have a desire to give in some way. Well, today is your lucky day! There are no special skills required or age or language preferences, you just need a heart of attendance and a desire to get behind out Senior Pastor and this amazing ministry. Please join us! You can make a difference!

Our goal is to uplift True Parents, True Children, and all of the True Family in prayer. We simply want to unite together and help prepare the atmosphere for people to be able to receive God's message, and for everything to go smoothly in sending Sunday service to all those who are joining through the internet.

Men's Support Group (Affinity Group)

Host: Chen Lawrence Fong

Tuesday 7 pm at the Lovin' Life Learning Center or 6th floor of the New Yorker (contact host to confirm)

Purpose: This is a study and discussion group for young husbands or fathers. We will cover these points: 1) How to identify and help our wives/mothers, 2) how to improve the way we love our children, and 3) how to correctly discipline young children. We will study about the development of the infant, toddler, and, if we have enough time, the adolescent and teenage stages. We will share and pray together to support each other in our roles as husbands and fathers.

The goal of this group is for young husbands and fathers to gain awareness of his role and significance, to improve parenting skills, and to feel camaraderie in supporting each others' marriage and family.

Ping Pong Diplomacy (Affinity Group)

Host: Edward Busque

Tuesday and Thursday from 1 pm -- 6 pm, and Saturday 9am -- 3 pm at the Lovin' Life Learning Center.

Purpose: The purpose of this group is to have fun together while playing ping pong!

Love N Nature Hiking Club (Affinity Group)

Host: Gregg Noll

Saturdays at 2 pm in Sloatsburg, NY. Contact Gregg for details on meeting times.

Purpose: The purpose of this group is to experience our Heavenly Parent through nature. We usually meet up at the Dunkin Donuts in Sloatsburg NY and then caravan to the hiking trail. We can also meet up with people at the train station if you don't have access to a vehicle. Any questions, call Gregg: 201-315-2456 

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