The Words of the Compton Family

Response to Kenn Bates' Letter

Andrew Compton
June 26, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters – I wish I did not have to write this letter, but because a letter has been circulated to members that makes claims that are not correct – I once again feel it is my responsibility to respond.

Why did I encourage members not to participate in the discussion that was led by Jin Man Kwak?

I based that decision on experience. This is not a new phenomenon. I have been to several of these kinds of meetings in the past. On a number of occasions, members, who believe that the current leadership is failing or is misguiding members, have emerged. They are 100% convinced that they have special insights that the rest of us, including True Father and True Mother don't have (or True Parents have it, but are keeping it a secret until the right time when they will acknowledge these persons).

These members are always looking for other members to bring to their side – because this re-enforces their view that they are correct in their perception of God's will.

These members are always sincere. They justify their actions by presenting only a portion of the Divine Principle and Father's words. Usually their justification is based on a humanistic perspective, (such as Divine Principle teaches that the purpose of life is to experience joy, but our church members are not happy, therefore … or, church leaders are misusing funds and therefore …) And/or their justification is based on an urgent sense of "special mission." (True Father's mission is over, his time is done – we have the true understanding and only we can save the providence from doom.)

Looking back, I realize that attending those meetings, trying to listen to these people, investing hours in discussion – was not fruitful. And a number of times it led me and other members (at least temporarily) to lose our enthusiasm for the providence that was at hand, that which True Parents and God needed us to accomplish.

Jin Man Kwak claims that he has not changed and that he is committed to fulfilling True True Parents vision and lifelong dream – and that likewise Rev Kwak and Hyun Jin Nim have not changed.

He says, "The entire campaign against Hyun Jin Nim presented by the current administration is based on the assumption that he used to be doing the right thing, but then somehow he changed radically and is no longer concerned with doing the right thing anymore."

This is not true. The real problem is the very fact that they are not willing to change, to adjust to the current providence. They are actually stuck on certain perceptions of what True Parents' vision and dream is, and more importantly how we are to go forward to accomplish it.

True Parents are changing things – and Jin Man and those he is working with can't handle it. In Hawaii True Father asked Hyun Jin Nim to be in the Cain position and for Kook Jin Nim to be in the Abel position and that the two unite centered on True Mother. That was a big change – one that they could not adjust to. True Father asked them to stop certain activities and spend time with True Father – and that was a big change they could not adjust to.

Jin Man says, "I am here, walking this path, because I still believe in that ideal, I still believe this is the mission and path that all Blessed Central Families and those who have been engrafted into True Family should walk. I ask you to do the same."

Sadly, "this path," that Jin Man believes in is his own chosen path, not the path that True Parents are asking him to walk. The fact that he and others so directly refuse to follow True Father's directions demonstrates why it is unwise to attend these meetings. If they won't listen to True Parents, they will not listen to you and me.

In a report that I received from Rev Grodner, after he attended the meeting with Jin Man, he stated, "Most of Jin Man Kwak's presentation included his personal testimony, testifying to his father's (Rev. Kwak's) example of faith and loyalty to God and True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim's being an unchanging filial son to True Parents.

After leaving the meeting a thought kept coming to my mind. Who determines whether someone is filial? It is the parent that determines this, not the child. To my understanding, True parents have suffered so much pain from the actions of an unfilial child."

If Jin Man really wants to hold meetings and share his perspective with our church members – I would suggest an approach that I have found usually works.

First, correct any wrong doing that you are involved in (i.e. return the assets which you have taken and put them back in the control of whomever True Parents may choose to care for them). Secondly, meet with True Parents or the church leadership that True Parents choose to represent them – and share with them your concerns, your heart, your intentions, etc. Then, if approval is given, you can meet with members and share your perspective in a public meeting.

Or, one other option; become an Ambassador for Peace. You can keep your own personal concept of True Parents and what they teach; you can start your own organization, separate from the Unification Church, in order to do the good things you feel are necessary – and then you can invite all people, including our members, to attend your activities. However, even if you choose this way, I would again suggest that you return all the church assets that you took, that belong to the members of the Unification Church and its founder the Rev and Dr. Sun Myung Moon. This would be a good start to becoming a respectable Ambassador for Peace.

Finally I would like to say that I personally want to keep an optimistic attitude. I want to believe that those whom Jin Man Kwak is working with will find the way to change and adjust to the current providence. But I don't believe that day is going to come any sooner by them pulling members into their meetings, and using sincerity and kindness and good intentions to distract members from what urgently needs to be done for True Parents and their daily will.


Andrew Compton 

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