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Andrew Compton
September 22, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

While praying today at Belvedere during our prayer condition -- I felt to share a few points with you.

This 40 days, beginning from True Father's Seong Hwa is of critical importance for God, True Parents, and for each of us.

After Jesus' resurrection he appeared to his disciples for 40 days. The critical point that had to be accomplished in those 40 days was that his disciples make a condition to unite in heart with Jesus. That unity was accomplished by the disciples, in particular Peter, recognizing their mistakes, repenting for them, and then making a determination to give their lives for God's will, centered on Jesus. Because that unity with the 12 (including Mattias who replaced Judas) was achieved -- the day of Pentecost came and the Holy Spirit descended and empowered the disciples. From that point incredible things began to happen and the Christian faith became an unstoppable force.

I believe that in this 40 days the most important thing that each of us can do -- is to take time to pray and with utmost sincerity ask ourselves the question, "To what extent did I attend True Parents during True Father's life on this earth?" And on the basis of that prayer I believe we all will be able to offer repentance and a renewed determination to work with True Parents for the future accomplishment of God's will. To the degree that members and Blessed Couples can make this kind of unity of heart with our True Parents -- our True Mother, the living Holy Spirit, will be able to work incredible things through all of us. And we will see Cheon Il Guk expand -- like an unstoppable force.

In light of these points -- please take time to pray. As you know, there is an on-going prayer condition, 2 hours each day at Belvedere.

Also, I know we all need time to vent and get some stuff off our chests.

I am not saying don't do that -- but be careful that it does not become hurtful -- and I strongly suggest that you spend at least as much time, if not more, in prayer.

Let's do our part and make the condition of unity of heart with our True Parents -- so that God, with our True Father in heaven and our True Mother, who is with us here on earth -- can do his part!

God Bless you

Andrew Compton 

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