The Words of the Compton Family

NY District Council Letter, to Members

Noah Ross, Rev. Andrew Compton, Susan Bouchari, Rev. Esteban Galvan, Tyler Hendricks, Frank Kaufmann, Edner Pierre-Louis, Naokimi Ushiroda, Andrew Wilson
May 15, 2013

Dear District 2 Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the NY District Council, I am writing to report on our recent and ongoing activities as your representatives.

Since our election in October, our first task was the recommendation of Rev. Compton as District Pastor. Working with Rev. Compton we have approved the creation of ministry teams and local churches in New York City and around our district.

We have also selected two representative to serve on the National Council - Dr. Tyler Hendricks and Dr. Kathy Winings. They are working on your behalf with Dr. Balcomb and his staff to make new plans for the future of our church.

Our District Council has joined the New Jersey and Connecticut churches to once again make Camp Sunrise available for our youth and for all area families. We hope that you will be able to take advantage of this beautiful facility.

The District Council meets with Rev. Compton monthly to discuss the health and future of our District. In particular we are working to bring financial health and transparency to our district. As your representatives, we would like to hear your thoughts and concerns.

We look forward to hearing from you!

God bless,

Noah Ross (Chair), Rev. Andrew Compton, Susan Bouchari, Rev. Esteban Galvan, Dr. Tyler Hendricks, Dr. Frank Kaufmann, Rev. Edner Pierre-Louis, Naokimi Ushiroda, Dr. Andrew Wilson 

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