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Unification Theological Seminary Alumni Relations E-News April 2006

Gillian Corcoran
April 16, 2006

In this issue

* Message from Robin Graham about the Young Oon Kim Project
* Nostalgic for UTS? REUNION 2006
* Check out the April 2006 E-Cornerstone
* Writers for Character Education Curriculum Needed
* David SC Kim presents UTS Historical Videos

Spring Greetings!

As Spring unfolds around us and color bursts forth through winter's monochrome cloak, new hope and expectation fill the air, mingling with birdsong and the gentle caress of a spring breeze. Just as nature constantly creates anew, so UTS is entering a season of exciting, hopeful developments, and serves as a reminder that, no matter which season of life we find ourselves in, new beginnings are possible, potential -filled and life-giving.

Blessings of spring joy,

Gillian Corcoran

Message from Robin Graham about the Young Oon Kim Project

Dear Alumni and Friends of UTS:

You will soon receive an e-newsletter about the YOK project, which is aimed at reaching the next generation of seminarians. We want to keep you updated with the developments of the YOK project as our hope is that you will support it in whatever way you can.

There are many, second generation from Unification families who have already graduated college. Already several hundred!

Also, many of the children of the 2075 Blessing of Madison Square Garden in 1982 are now graduating college. [My own daughter will be graduating this May with an BFA in Art and Design from Alfred University, NY - proud dad].

There could be as many as 200-300 second generation graduating college in 2006. The projections are that these numbers will remain relatively consistent over the next 15 years i.e. 200 per year.

This is a tremendous opportunity for the Unification Movement. Rev. Michael Jenkins (UTS '77) and Dr. Tyler Hendricks (UTS '78) have recognized this potential and are joint chairs of the Young Oon Kim Scholarship Initiative, also known as the YOK Project. The scholarship allows the next generation to build a powerful foundation in Philosophy, History of Religions, World Religions, Christian and Unification Theology, Counseling, Public Speaking, and Management. These may not be the call of every person, but will be of great value for those interested in ministry, in public service, in community building, in international affairs, even business or law.

If you need more information about the YOK Project then please contact Ritz Yamamoto at 1-845-752-3000 Ext 233. Gillian Corcoran in Alumni Relations and Robin Graham in Development work closely with him to advance recruitment in the UTS graduate programs. We can connect prospective students with UTS alumni who are now engaged in a wide variety of professions. They can explain the value of the UTS education to one's personal, family, and professional life.

Please send us feedback and your insights.

Robin Graham
Director of Alumni Relations and Development

Nostalgic for UTS? REUNION 2006

The 2006 UTS Alumni Reunion will be held on Saturday May 20th, to coincide with the UTS Sports, Culture and Friendship Festival. ALL alumni, friends and families are invited to share in this celebratory day which will feature sports tournaments for adults and children - with prizes; live music & dancing, martial arts, calligraphy and art exhibitions, nature trail and labyrinth walks, and a variety of delicious food. Alumni will share a special BBQ in the evening, so - MARK YOUR CALENDARS and prepare for a wonderful day of fun and friendship. More details coming soon.

Check out the April 2006 E-Cornerstone

This E-Cornerstone includes a message from the President, guest columns by Lionel Binnie and Don Sardella, a wonderful poem from Lloyd Howell, "Spotlight on Alumni" featuring Godwin D'Silva, and updates on UTS happenings - including historic videos and the Trails project. In case you didn't see the April 2006 E-Cornerstone, you can see it at:

Go ahead, check it out!

Writers for Character Education Curriculum Needed


The Universal Peace Federation has been developing a character education initiative based on the foundation of the International Educational Foundation. Currently, we have produced two student textbooks at the high school level entitled: Discovering the Real Me. You can review a sample of the 9th grade student textbook, Discovering the Real Me: A Student Text Book in Character Education on the IIFWP web site:

We are now expanding the writing of these textbooks to the elementary and middle school levels. UPF is looking for seasoned writers who have experience teaching, preferably at the international level.

Potential candidates should send their CV along with a sample of their writing to Alan Saunders. The deadline for the writing of these texts is very tight; therefore, it would be desirable if people considering these positions were available to work full time on this project over the next few months. However, other writers who are interested in the project who can work part time can also send their information. This is a work-from-home position; therefore, anyone considering it needs to have the computer programs and computer skills to transfer and receive documents electronically.

The salary for these positions is negotiable, depending on the experience of the writer. If you have any questions, please call

Alan Saunders.
Director of the Office of Character Education
Universal Peace Federation
481 8th Avenue, Room 3016
New York City, NY 10001

David SC Kim presents UTS Historical Videos

Two UTS Historical Videos are available in VHS or DVD for a $40 donation, the proceeds of which will fund the special projects of David SC Kim.

UTS Inaugural Convocation 1975 produced by Lloyd Eby

UTS First graduation 1977 produced by Lee Shapiro

Contributions by check should be made out to "IOWC" and are tax-exempt.

Please send to IOWC, PO Box 1755, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Please indicate preferred format (tape or DVD).

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