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UTS Education for People without a College Degree

Gillian Corcoran
UTS Certificate Programs
July 14, 1999

UTS is pleased to introduce three Certificate Programs, offering advanced knowledge in Unificationism, Christian theology, and Counseling. The Certificate Programs are available to members without a college degree or affiliates of the Family Federation who are not members.

Unificationists looking for a deeper understanding of church teachings and traditions will benefit from the Certificate Program in Advanced Unification Studies.

Those working in the area of Christian ministry can increase their knowledge of Christianity by taking the Certificate Program in Christian Studies.

The Certificate Program in Pastoral Counseling provides professional training in personal and family counseling.

In the future, we anticipate developing two more certificate programs. A Certificate Program in Church Leadership and Management will aid church leaders seeking training in practical skills of leading and managing an organization, and a Certificate Program in Unification Leadership will guide friends of the Unification movement and members of the Family Federation for World Peace in an introductory study of Rev. Moonís teachings.

Each Certificate Program typically consist of 6 courses. In addition, many individual courses are available.

You enroll in a class simply by contacting the registrar and paying the tuition, registration and materials fees. Tuition is $350 for a course in a certificate program or a non-credit course.

1. Certificate in Advanced Unification Studies: For experienced church members to gain a deeper understanding of Unification teachings. 6 courses and an intensive summer workshop.

Divine Principle (Wilson)
Unification Philosophy (Noda)
Unification Worldview (Ward)
Life and Thought of Sun Myung Moon (Oh)

Advanced Leadership Seminar at Barrytown, with study of prayer, Unification ritual and tradition, lecture training, and Fatherís words. (1-3 weeks)

Suggested Electives:

Spirituality for World Citizenship (Carlson)
Unification Theology (Shimmyo)
History of the Unification Church (Mickler)
Parallels of History (Wilson)

2. Certificate in Christian Studies: Understand Christianity and theology in an ecumenical context. 6 courses.

Introduction to the Old Testament (Wilson)
Introduction to the New Testament (Arthur)
History of Christianity I or II (Mickler)

Suggested Electives:

Life and Letters of Paul (Arthur)
History of Christianity II (Mickler)
Paths of Faith (Carlson)
Philosophical Foundations (Noda)
History of Christianity I (Mickler)
Unification Theology (Shimmyo)
Systematic Theology (Shimmyo)
Life and Teachings of Jesus (Arthur)
Ecumenism (Winings)
Modern Theology (Shimmyo)
Marriage and Family (Seidel)

3. Certificate in Counseling: A professional program in counseling. 6 courses.

Theories of Personality (McMahon)
Theories and Techniques of Counseling (McMahon)
Practicum in Counseling (McMahon)
Psychology of Religious Development (McMahon)
Marriage & Family Counseling (McMahon)

Suggested Electives:

Personality Development & Pyschopathology (McMahon)
Pastoral Counseling (McMahon)
Group Process (McMahon)
Group Counseling (McMahon)
Marriage & Family (Seidel)

To enroll in any of these courses, or if you have further questions, please contact:

UTS Registrar
Mrs. Ute Delaney

UTS Director of Admissions
Mrs. Gillian Corcoran

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