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Special Convocation, 'Family Ethics and World Peace'

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Press Advisory - February 7
World Culture and Sports Festival '99

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Special Convocation, 'Family Ethics and World Peace'
Feb 4th -8th at the Lotte Hotel

Rev. Moon Gives Details for New Religious Organization

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon outlined his plan for a new, international religious body that he hopes will one day serve as a part of the United Nations.

In a speech here this afternoon before a cross section of 400 world leaders, Rev. Moon revealed detailed plans for the new religious body. He asked those in attendance, "Might it not even be possible to imagine the UN as adopting a two-house structure?" He suggested one house representing the nations' political interests and another house, a senate, representing the more religious and internal aspects of society.

Through mutual respect and cooperation, said Rev. Moon, these two houses would be able to contribute enormously to the realization of world peace. The political wisdom if the world's leaders, he explained, could thus be effectively complemented by the wisdom and vision of the world's most prominent religious leaders.

It's widely believed that Rev. Moon considers this new organization the culmination of a lifetime dedicated to world peace. Its founding members will be the leadership of twelve other cultural groups that he has been supporting for many years.

Introducing Rev. Moon at today's inaugural was Prof. Ninian Smart, a professor of comparative religions at the University of California at Santa Barbara. "Rev. Moon is to be praised for this initiative," said Dr. Smart. He then listed ten war zones in the world whose conflicts are rooted in religious strife.

Dr. Nicholas Kittrie, chair of the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Justice and Peace, which is located in Washington, DC, also voiced his support for the new initiative. "Rev. Moon and his followers are not only capable of dreaming impossible dream but are capable of implementing impossible dream," said Dr. Kittrie. The name of the new organization will be, "The Inter-Religious and International Federation for World Peace".

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