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Rev. Moon Calls for Establishment of New World Religious Body

Press Release
World Culture and Sports Festival '99
Special Convocation, 'Family Ethics and World Peace'
Feb 4th -8th at the Lotte Hotel

Rev. Moon Calls for Establishment of New World Religious Body

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon called for the establishment of a new, UN-related organization composed of leaders from the world's major religions. Citing the ultimately ineffective efforts of current peace organizations in securing world peace, Reverend Moon said that the success of world peace in the next millenium hinges on the involvement of united, world religious leaders.

"The reality shows us, however, that political, economic, and technological efforts alone have not effectively achieved those goals (of world peace). Only if these efforts are supported by the more internal ones of religion, education, and culture can ideal results be secured," said Reverend Moon, as he addressed an internationally diverse group of more than 800 guests at a conference on "Family Ethics and World Peace", at the Lotte hotel yesterday.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, a group founded by Rev. Moon, convened the conference to solve the problems confronting society, most notably the breakdown of the family. Rev. Moon emphatically asked the assembly, composed of world leader from over 100 countries, to focus their energy during the next three days of the conference on the task of formulating this new religious governing body.

The idea was warmly received by the participants and Rev. Moon was praised by Gen. Alexander M. Haig, Jr., who introduced Rev. Moon to the assembly and credited Rev. Moon as being instrumental in overthrowing international communism.

"Our paths crossed several times during my life," said Gen. Haig, referring to Rev. Moon. The first time was when Haig's army unit landed at Inchon during the Korean war and eventually liberated Hung Nam concentration camp where Rev. Moon was imprisoned. The next time was during the Watergate crisis of the Nixon administration, when Haig was the White House Chief of Staff. He appreciated Rev. Moon's call for an objective and just treatment of President Nixon during the highly charged atmosphere then gripping the nation.

The third time their lives intersected was when Haig was Secretary of State during the Reagan administration at the height of the cold war. Haig explained that it was not the buildup of military hardware that was the main cause of the fall of communism during the Reagan era. Rather, he said, it was the winning of the intense educational battle fought on the pages of the nation's newspapers and on the college campuses which was the main reason for communism's demise. He credited Rev. Moon with leading that battle.

In an emotionally charged after-dinner speech, Rev. Moon addressed the conference theme and spoke in depth about such topics as 'the school of life', 'the unity of the spirit world' and 'the three stages of life'. He implored the participants to prepare themselves for the after life by living a righteous and pure life while on earth. He then asked them to go back to their communities and work hard for world peace.

Ambassador Phillip Sanchez, former US ambassador to Honduras and international newspaper publisher, introduced Gen. Haig. He said that whenever America's liberty was threatened, Gen. Haig has responded with all his heart, risking his life many times to secure the freedoms he vitally cherishes.

Several beautifully performed songs by The Little Angels of Korea choral group preceded the evening's speeches. The Little Angels, having recently returned from a North Korean cultural peace tour which deeply moved the hearts of both nations, introduced two new North Korean songs into their repertoire which were particularly well received by the Koreans in the audience. They also sang several popular tunes in English and enchanted the audience with their enthusiasm and warm smiles.

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