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World Culture and Sports Festival '99 - Press Advisory

Press Advisory - February 4
World Culture and Sports Festival '99
Contact: Chris Corcoran or Robin Marsh
Lotte Hotel, Emerald Room, Tel: 759-7435, 7434
(mobile) 011 664 0138 or 0139
FAX 773 1676

Special Convocation, 'Family Ethics and World Peace'
Feb 4th -8th at the Lotte Hotel

Opening Banquet

More than 400 world leaders from over 100 countries will convene this evening at 7:00 pm in the Crystal Ballroom for the Opening Banquet of the Special Convocation. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon, founder of the World Culture and Sports Festival, will give his Founder's Address. Under the theme of loving families as the model for world peace, Reverend Moon is expected to outline a new international organization called the Inter-Religious and International Federation for World Peace. (IIFWP)

The IIFWP will become the vehicle for the combining of religious and political wisdom and leadership. Reverend Moon has often said that the key to world peace is the cooperation of the world's religious leaders to guide and inform the world's political leaders.

Introducing Reverend Moon will be the Hon. Alexander M. Haig, Jr., the Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan and the White House Chief of Staff under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. He was the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO from 1975-79.

Opportunities for Interviews

Keynote speakers and panelists for the Special convocation may be available to the media for interviews. Preferably, 24-hour notice is needed to set up interviews. Noted world figures attending include Hon. Albert Reynolds, former Prime Minister of Ireland; Hon. Edward R. Schreyer, former Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada from 1979-84; Susan Ford Bales, the daughter of President and Mrs. Gerald Ford and a national spokesperson for breast cancer awareness; Arnaud De Borchgrave, Newsweek's Chief Foreign Correspondent for 30 years and currently the CEO of United Press International; Hon. Kenneth David Kaunda, President of Zambia six times from 1964-91; and Rabbi Herzel Kranz, Chairman of the American Jewish Assembly.

An example of the participants from just one region, the former Soviet Union, include: Victor Savinykh, one of the first cosmonauts and a hero of the former Soviet Union; Stanislav Shuskevich and his wife, the former President and First Lady of Belarus; and Father Vikenty Mis'kov, a highly respected Orthodox priest from Ukraine.

Pure Love Alliance

There will be a student march and rally on Saturday, Feb. 6 from 2:00-4:00 pm, beginning at Maronieh Park, which is a five minute walk north from Chongo 5 Ga Station. (Please call Mr. Hyo Chul Ahn at 02 3271 0690 for further details). The purpose of the demonstration is to promote sexual purity among young people prior to marriage and fidelity within the marriage union. These ideals are central to the values promoted during the Special Convocation and the Blessing '99 at Chamsil Stadium on Sunday.

Statement of Support for the WCSF '99 from the International Welcoming Committee (see attached)

Press Passes

Press passes for all international media (except Japanese) can be picked up at the Emerald Room in the Lotte Hotel. All media must have passes to gain entrance to the Special Convocation and the Blessing '99.

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