The Words of the Reverends Corcoran

Who owns the Unification Church?

September 15, 1998

I got an honest and forthright answer from Chris Corcoran on the issue of UC legal structure. Since he was billed as the press spokesman, I don't think there is any breach of netiquette for me to paste his response here for anyone who doesn't know and is interested.

HSA-UWC is a corporate structure (not for profit) and currently has six board members: Dr Joseph Scheftik, Dr. Edwin Ang, Dr. Hugh Spurgin, Mr. Neil Salonen, Mr. Farley Jones and Dr. Tyler Hendricks. At their recent meeting they decided to expand the number of seats and to include women and minorities.

They meet two to four times a year and basically control a cooperation which owns maybe 100 properties (all church centers and workshop sites, including Belvedere and East Garden) and several businesses (Master Marine, the Manhattan Center building but not the studio business and several other minor businesses, the largest being the New Yorker Hotel, which is finally on sound financial footing and returning a profit to the church. The New Eden Academy at Bridgeport is affiliated with HSA I believe, but perhaps not owned by the Church.

The board members vote on who to bring on as the next member. Terms are for four years I believe. Father usually has something to say about who sits on the board but this may be a courtesy extended to him, I don't know if it's part of their by-laws.

I hope that sheds some light. I appreciate these types of questions since they help to de-mystify what often appears to be a rather gigantic, multi-national corp. All other businesses and foundations and groups are not owned by or directly affiliated with HSA but the media tends to lump it all together as "the church" or "belonging to Rev. Moon".



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