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Report on the ACLC NY March 11th Prayer Breakfast

Tom Corley
March 27, 2006

Held at the Freedom Hall Church of God, Brooklyn, New York

New York’s third prayer breakfast of 2006 convened at Bishop Cecil Riley’s Freedom Hall Church of God at 629 Albany Ave in Brooklyn on Saturday, March 11th, 2006. Around 80 participants were present, at least 2/3 of that number being ministers, and a congressman, mayor and business leaders also came to our program. Rev Bruce Grodner was our emcee. He began by inviting Bishop Margie de la Rosa, Pastor of Christ Family Church, Mt. Vernon, to give a special welcome. She encouraged us all to greet participants at other tables besides our own. Rev. Kennard Davis, Pastor of the Truth Center for Higher Consciousness, Brooklyn, then led us in the morning’s invocation. Then, Rev Desmond Green led us in the wonderful Caribbean song, "This is My Island in the Sun".

After a hearty and tasty breakfast was enjoyed by everyone, Mrs. Eleanor Riley, wife of our host pastor Bishop Cecil Reilly, warmed everyone’s heart with the song "The News Came to Jesus". In preparation for the speakers to come, Bishop Slyveta Gonzales, Pastor of Q Kingdom Ministries, Brooklyn read an excerpt from Rev Moon’s World tour speech, God’s Ideal Family: The Model for World Peace. Rev Levi Daugherty, Secretary General of ACLC, invited Rev. H.G. McGhee to read ACLC Goals and Objectives for the coming year; he then set the stage for our host and keynote speaker

Bishop Riley, who appeared to be deeply moved by Rev. Daugherty’s sharing, began by saying, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. He then continued by saying, if we feed the horse salt, he will definitely drink. He compared ministers to salt and stated it was ministers responsibility develop a thirst in peoples hearts for God’s truth. He then read a passage from Luke 9:49 in which the disciples complain to Jesus about an individual who was not part of their group who was casting out demons. He talked about how Jesus rebuked them for complaining, saying, he who is not against us is with us. Bishop Riley then went on to talk about the ACLC and Rev. Moon and how even though the members of ACLC or Rev Moon may not look like us, what is important is that they are doing the will of God. Are we going to listen to Jesus or to our own custom of thinking? Referring to the ACLC, he said, the world must understand we are God’s people.

At the conclusion of the keynote address a love offering was taken and Rev Daugherty made an appeal for new membership in ACLC. Following this the marriage blessing ceremony was conducted, and our breakfast ended with Bishop Riley’s benediction. The next breakfast meeting was scheduled for Saturday, April 8, at Rev. Dennis Dillon’s church.

Reported by Rev. Tom Corley

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