The Words of the Deshotel Family

Greetings from 'Gator Land'!

Katarina Deshotel
February 2, 2006

Katarina Deshotel's team began their Sunday morning of January 29th with a comment from Grace Ross, "There's a chicken in the road; is that normal?" The team represented STF in Jacksonville, Florida when they joined eight families for Sunday morning service. Our team of five (captain Katarina Deshotel, Ejin Kim, Francesca Pette, Grace Ross, and Rebecca Araki) felt so much love from our Blessed families. Jacksonville is very alive! Katarina commented, "It was a nice family atmosphere and they were very welcoming." The Blessed families are caring for exchange students from Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, and Haiti, who attend their church services. It was a nice chance for us to practice our espanol without looking for a donation.

Rev. Sappp inspired us with the latest movements of God's providence. I was so inspired when he explained True Parents' plan for Hoon Dok churches. Our neighborhood churches will become little cell home churches that will unite with Hoon Dok churches all over the world, as one family. How exciting! A lively service of songs and laughter was followed by lunch in the home of a Blessed family.

I was happy to see the unity of the Blessed children in Jacksonville. They are very musically, academically, and athletically talented. During lunch we all took couches and chairs, like family, and watched a tape of Rev. Michael Jenkins' address at the Kodan leader's meeting and planning for 2006. The message was truly incredible... Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you're fundraising every day or just living life, but his message gave me so much power and purpose.

The whole Sunday was a reminder from God that our frontline investment is moving the whole world in ways that we don't always realize. My team felt new energy after receiving so much love spiritually and physically (thanks to the enchiladas and peach cobbler)! When reflecting on our experience, Francesca commented, "I loved having a chance to serve my home state and listen to Rev. Sapp's talk." Grace added, "I was really moved when the members bought our sun-catchers."

Thank you Jacksonville! Mansei!

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