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Ambassadors For Peace in Birmingham / Midlands United Kingdom - Main Points

David Earle
February 24, 2006

1. We now have over 250 Ambassadors for Peace in our ‘region’.

2. Some are new, but the majority are the fruit of many years of consistent investment in people through the Women’s Peace Meeting (13 years), the Interfaith Children’s Home in India (7 years), and a variety of grassroots activities.

3. 75 – 80% of the Ambassadors for Peace are women.

4. Our Ambassadors for Peace represent all religions, races, ethnic backgrounds and different levels of social status, from political and religious leaders ‘down’ to refugees who had considerable status in their country, but who now have nothing.

5. We have always tried to unite with goals given to us, and to support the national and European level activities, sacrificing/restricting our local level activities. This creates tensions about priorities. E.g., we have had to severely limit the Women’s Peace Meeting in the last 2 years, a major source of our Ambassadors for Peace.

6. Education can take many forms, not just Symposia and 1 or 2-day seminars. We have had a series of evening programs in our home. We are invited to give talks in churches, mosques, etc. We invite people for supper, visit them in their homes, have phone conversations, etc, etc.

7. Ideally education, while having its own merit, leads to practical activities together. This is much more possible on the local level.

8. So many of our Ambassadors for Peace know each other. They have been able to network, build friendship and help one another in all kinds of ways, (especially through the Women’s Peace Meeting). However, this requires sensitivity – particularly with the way we educate people and, for example, when we travel together to Israel. A difficult experience for one person can have consequences for others.

9. It is never easy to find the balance between ‘internal’ and ‘external’ activities, or to find ways of keeping going. Many times, God works through our friends / Ambassadors for Peace - a phone call, a card, a word of encouragement.

10. If we are continually trying to purify, refine our motivation (Chung seong?), and to stretch our hearts, then sometimes very simple things can lead to unexpected consequences.

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