The Words of the Earle Family

Congregation swells its ranks at Living Waters

David Earle
August 18, 2010
Birmingham, UK

The Living Waters Hall, in Handsworth, was the scene of our 5th public Sunday Service and twenty two guests joined our regular members to worship together. The guests were a mixture of old and new Christian contacts, some of whom we have known for many years through our UPF and WFWP activities, and some who we have met quite recently through our FFWPU outreach activities and street witnessing, and who are studying the Principle with us. One of the latter brought 8 members of the worship group at his church along, and they performed 2 songs for us, including a beautiful arrangement of 'Amazing Grace'.

Our excellent MC, Dr Alfred O'Connor, guided us through the worship service, ably assisted at the computer by his youngest son, Jesse. We are gradually becoming more 'high-tech', but on this occasion did not use the PA system. Owing to the number of guests, we had to choose between putting either the PA system or people in the car, and decided on the latter!

After the opening prayer, songs and Family Pledge, one of our Catholic guests, Mrs. Gloriose Kayiganwa, offered a prayer for peace and unity, followed by 2 Pentecostal songs from Rashioh and the Peace Band. First and second generation representatives then read passages from the New Testament, expressing Jesus' words to his disciples about maintaining their unity, just prior to his arrest, and St Paul's words to the early Christian churches in Rome and Colossae [Colossians] on the same topic. Alfred then read an extract from Rev Moon's words in 1977, with the very challenging words that, as Christians, we should not allow denominationalism to prevent us from working together to build the ideal of One Family under God, even abandoning our denomination if it is an obstacle to progress.

David Earle then spoke on the theme of 'One small step for man…' saying that as believers each one of us matters, and is significant for God, and any steps we can take to rise above personal difficulties within our couples and families, denominational differences within the body of Christ, or negative feelings towards people of other races and faiths, can actually be large steps for God, because of what we each represent. He concluded with the example of Nelson Mandela, in the film 'Invictus', who showed such greatness of heart and forgiveness that, even as one man, he could impact a whole nation and beyond.

Next Elisabeth, Gloriose' daughter, sang for us as we took the offering, and we concluded with announcements followed by refreshments and fellowship, looking forward to the next occasion when we can be together.

Thanks to all those who helped with transport, flowers, hospitality and refreshments, and especially to those who journeyed 1 -- 2 hours from Welshpool, Worcester, Mansfield and Wellingborough to be with us. Thank you all. 

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