The Words of the Edwards Family

Invocation Of Rev. Jesse Edwards At The Holy Wedding Of The Second Generation

Jesse Edwards
December 26, 2004
Holy Wedding of the Second Generation
East Garden, New York
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the American Clergy Leadership Conference

Dearest Heavenly Father,

We gather here today for the Holy Wedding of the Second Generation. These young couples come from blessed families who were brought together by our True Parents. They are young couples who have kept their purity and who were born without the original sin. Standing before you on this day they are stepping forward with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to fulfill your will to make ideal families that go beyond racial, religious, cultural and national boundaries to bring purity, peace and love for all humanity.

We as religious leaders from all traditions, who have received the Blessing, want to express our gratitude for this historic dispensation centering on our True Parents. We fully affirm here on this day that True Parents have been anointed by you and approved by Jesus and all the saints of heaven for the work of fulfilling the Providence of the return of the Lord. This central providence began sadly with the fall and disobedience of Adam and Eve. Human history began with your heart being broken and your family being lost. Now today we rejoice that through the blessing of these young couples the full restoration of the Kingdom of God is now at hand.

Your Ideal Families are now emerging through these couples and your anointing oil and the power of the Holy Spirit is now flowing down upon them and all of us from Heaven. Our True Parents as The King and Queen of Peace have now been established and affirmed forever. Your Peace Kingdom has now come upon the earth and will rapidly expand. We sincerely pray that each couple will go forth as a light unto the world and will rapidly expand your Kingdom on this earth.

I pray this in the name of Rev. Jesse Edwards of the Edwards Family - A blessed Central Family.


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