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Report for ACLC Women in Ministry (WIM) 24 Hour Prayer Condition

Tanya Edwards
September 27, 2009
Women In Ministry Coordinators

Dr. Gilda Price of ACLC of Brooklyn heard a call from God to have the WIM begin a 24 hour prayer and fasting condition.

On September 25, midnight until 12 am on September 26th. the prayer and fast was offered for 24 hours. The prayer points were for: Father and Mother Moon and their family, the ACLC and its leaders and their families, President Obama, all leaders around the world and for the Principle Forum for Family and Peace, also for the success of the banquet in Washington launching the Autobiography of Father Moon.

Women from every part of the nation joined together in unity in prayer. Many women from various parts of the nation took three hour intervals for prayer. Some women took all three hours and others took from half hour up to a full hour of prayer. On September 26, from 11:00 to midnight, everyone joined together at the last hour to give a complete unified prayer, where again all the points of prayer were prayed upon. At the end of the prayer, Rev. Jenkins and Bishop Edwards joined in and gave their appreciation for the WIM and what they were doing and how powerful the prayers were.

It has brought the WIM much closer together and lifted all women up spiritually. Many good things are still going to take place from all the prayers that were offered up to God.

At the end of the prayer call, the women were asked if there were any testimonies from their prayer time.

Thank you, Rev. Tanya Edwards 

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