The Words of the Edwards Family

Blessings the Living Messiah Brings

Jesse Edwards
May 9, 2010
Aria Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

At the "Honoring the Coronation, Golden Wedding and Legacy of Peace on the Foundation of the Abel UN" on May 9, True Parents were congratulated on their Golden Wedding anniversary and offered crowns and robes. An ascension (Seunghwa) festival, through which True Parents brought the blessing of the Seunghwa Ceremony to those not of our faith, formed the second part of the program.

Praise the Lord, everyone! I was asked to bless the food, but we have already been honored with True Parents being with us, so I believe this whole day is already blessed. Don't you?

[Applause] True Mother, I would like to say, we thank you, not only for being the mother of the fifteen children that you brought into the world but also the spiritual mother of six and a half billion people around the world. Happy Mothers' Day! And to all True Family mothers, we greet you on Mothers' Day.

We're living in a world today with moral breakdown. The world needs a leader. Family breakdown, marriage breakdown -- the world needs an anointed man of God. The world is in turmoil, searching for peace -- the world needs a messiah. Hello? [Applause]

Many have started this journey, but Father, we want to thank you for being bold enough to complete it. Thank you for tearing down the walls that have separated races, religions, denominations and for bringing us one family under God.

Thank you for blessing my marriage, where my life began. Thank you, True Parents.

Now that I've used up all my time, we'll pray quickly: Heavenly Father, we thank you for this great occasion, for this golden anniversary of someone that we love and hold dearly to our hearts. Bless the fellowship, the table that is set before us, bless us as we endeavor to continue as one family under God. We give you the thanks, our gracious God of all creation. Can anyone say, "Amen"? Amen, and you may be seated. Bon appétit! 

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