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2006 Cheon Il Guk Horsemanship Camp And Seminar For Second Generation

Lesa Ellanson
March 30, 2006
New Hope Farms

The dates for the 2006 Cheon Il Guk Horsemanship Camp and Seminar for Second Generation are July 16 - July 29, 2006 (for ages 13-18), and July 31 - August 6, 2006 (for ages 9-12).

This year, we will be including beginner riders; we will be attending horse shows, going on field trips, hearing guest speakers, participating in Service for Peace projects, visiting a humane society vet clinic, in addition to riding lessons and classes in equine management.

We will be needing either parent and/or Second Generation volunteers to help with the seminar; if you interested in assisting(even if it is part time), feel free to call.

For 2006 applications, please email or call 845-856-8384 and leave email address. For more info log on to and go to the "Instruction" page.

NEW in 2006! Ages 9 through 12 years old may now attend.

New Hope Farms looks forward to our summer 2006 CIG Second Generation Horsemanship Programs. In 2006, we will be offering two sessions: The first session will be held for teens, ages 13 - 18 years old. The dates are July 16th through July 29th, 2006; the fee is $350.00 which will include room, board and some learning materials. There is also a $50.00 registration fee upon sign up. The second session will be for younger children, ages 9 - 12. The dates are July 30th through August 5, 2006; the cost is $175.00, plus a $25.00 registration fee upon sign up. These are faith-based programs that will offer equine studies classes, riding proficiency and stable management sessions for a select number of applicants.

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